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Student Comments. This set of unedited comments that came from one of my recent online classes. I am hoping to give you some insight as to the course and contents from recent users. Let me know what you liked and didn't like about the class. How about the web-labs? How could I improve the format?

Student Comments. This set of unedited comments that came from one of my recent online classes. I am hoping to give you some insight as to the course and contents from recent users. Let me know what you liked and didn't like about the class. How about the web-labs?

“that’s just your opinion!” - “american idol” and the confusion between pluralism and relativism

How could I improve the format? I really appreciate both negative and positive feedback. I really enjoyed the online course. I thought it was well planned and layed out, easy for me to follow.

The work load h. Overall I really like this just looking for your opinion because all lectures, asments, and tests are straight forward. A couple things I dislike about the class are that there should be more opportunities for extra credit and it would be awesome if the final was an objective essay about what we have learned in this class or what we like about the class. I believe that I have more knowledge about ocean, weather, and marine lives and hopefully, I can use them in real life.

The course was everything you said it would be, fun but a lot of work. And it was!

Just looking for your opinion

I enjoyed the web-labs because they were a lot of fun and easy to understand. And the answers were usually somewhere in the text. I also liked the asments that required us to get online.

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Sometimes articles aside from the reading book gave me a better idea and understanding of the subject for that week. What I disliked was the short essay question because I found it difficult to explain just looking for your opinion concepts without introducing in some way, Ideas from the course notes or book keeping in mind plagiarism. I never expected to learn so much from an online class; I now see the ocean life in a whole new way.

I know I could have done better, but in the end I learned that an online class could be as much work or more than a regular class.

Just looking for your opinion

However, I still enjoyed it very much. I really enjoyed this class and the format it was presented in.

I found it relaxing to be able to turn the work on the asments and test at my leisure and when I had the time. I liked the fact you were very clear that more internet research may be necessary for some asments To be honest, there is nothing that I disliked about the course. I will definitely be taking another online course from you! To be honestthis was my first online class. I am looking forward to taking more online classes. The experience of this class has being nothing but positive.

The homework, quizzes and test were reasonable. Maybe a field trip later in the day? Or another weekend? I have to say this class made me more aware of current event dealing with the ocean and weather. I also did something for the first time just looking for your opinion a north county resident, I participated in the annual grunion run in Carlsbad. Lots of fun!!! Enjoy the summer Mr.

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I really liked learning about the tide pools and local labs. Originally I enrolled in this class because I am not from CA or even a coastal areas I am from WI so I thought it would be good to learn a little about the waves, swells and currents as I venture into the water a little more the longer I have lived here. I really liked the online option of this class because I am a very busy person 2 jobs and college. The only thing that was a little confusing at first was all the different resources.

The book, Notes, PowerPoint presentations, web-labs, the cd with the book… Just was a little much but as the semester progressed I got the feel of it and benefited from all the information. I will say I learned quite a bit in just looking for your opinion course, I also enjoyed myself…. So that says something.

Just looking for your opinion

The asments were very beneficial to the entire learning process. However, I felt the tests were a bit unexpected, some material was not discussed thoroughly enough. If there was one thing that I would recommend to help the class it would be an accompanying audio lecture to the power points. I feel like this would have cleared up some of the points that I just looking for your opinion neglected to focus on.

Some food for thought, so thank you for an incredible class. I really liked the flexibility of this course. It worked well with busy scheduling, and the expectations were clear and upfront.

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One draw back was that if you didn't understand a lab, or the data from the lab that was provided, it was difficult to eventually find the answers from the weblab. However, I thougth the weblabs were very interestign and very realistic and up to date. I thought the class notes that just looking for your opinion each chapter were very well detailed and the book supported juust chapters very well to.

Just looking for your opinion

I really enjoyed taking just looking for your opinion course. Even though this is not a major or subject I am pursuing, I really enjoyed getting to know more about oceanography. You were very good at telling your students when things were due and where to find all the material needed to correctly answer the questions you asked. They only thing I really had a problem with was sometimes understanding it, and or relaying to you that I understood the questions at hand.

Also, I needed to better manage my time, instead of leaving things to the last minute, but that was in no way something you did wrong. I thought the class was pretty good I actually think I have learned a lot from this class. This was my first online class and I thought your homework and tests really made me think and search for the answers making me learn more.

I also liked how you related a lot of the topics to our coastline and area of San Diego.

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Overall I enjoyed the course. I liked that everything was straight forward.

Just looking for your opinion

There never was any confusion on asments, which is always a plus with online courses. The one thing that I disliked was that you were not able to look at an asment after the due date. Despite that, I enjoyed the course. Oceanography online was a great experience for me. I was very interested in the ocean systems and mechanics and this class filled all my expectations. I also enjoyed a lot doing the Virtual Labs. I wish we had more since it was such a great learning experience.

I felt like a learned better the whole concept and it was easier than just reading it from the book. It was actually my most enjoyable course. It had the most work to do by far and that is what just looking for your opinion turn made it most enjoyable. I took geology unknowingly so the first couple weeks I had identical homework asments and that was cool.

Just looking for your opinion

I would always rather be out having fun but of course the workload required that I commit some time to finishing it. But I do plan to finish reading the book. Also in just looking for your opinion hust online class the instructor sent out a message at the end about the grading scale and said we could stop when we received the grade we were shooting for.

I was wondering about the grading system jhst this class too because sometimes if you have a B in a class and there is no way you could get an A or a C no matter what you do then stopping might be the easier way. I guess it all worked out in the end.

Just looking for your opinion

I am not a science person by any means and I generally groan at the thought of having to take a science class but I would recommend this class to anyone. It was straight forward, organized, and I thought that the labs were actually very interesting, rather than confusing. I had a just looking for your opinion of trouble remembering test due dates but I appreciated that homework was due on an easy schedule.

The class was very detailed and organized.

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At times, I wish I had taken in a traditional manner because of the complexity of some of the topics. However, overall, I found it effective and I enjoyed it. I liked being able to access info anytime of the day. I did have trouble with the speed of the just looking for your opinion web, I have a high speed connection and I always had trouble with the web being too slow.

I would have liked more extra credit opportunities. I have really enjoyed this class.

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I decided to take a couple of classes last semester for several reasons. The main one came from my then 5th grade son bringing home pre-algebra homework that I could not just looking for your opinion how to do having been out of college for almost 14 years. I thought it would be a good idea to brush up. I enjoyed that first semester very much and thought why not opinipn a class this semester along with my math.

I have always enjoyed science so that yur what I started looking into. My first choice was filled before I could register so I had to go back and re-evaluate my choices and Oceanography sounded like fun so that is how I ended up here. I must say that I learned so many things that I would probably never have known had I not taken this class. I think my favorite part of the class was towards the end when we worked through the web labs. I wish I had the time to take an actual lab because I really would enjoy all that hands on stuff!!

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