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Velvet has received quite a few comparisons to Twilight. Makes sense because it's a vampire romance featuring a girl who moves into town and an elusive guy who kinda follows her around. But honestly, the similarities aren't substantial. It's like saying that cutr book with an evil government, oppressed people and a revolution, is The Hunger Games, when most of dystopian fiction fits that description.

Looking for a cute nerdy loner type

This novel is so much better than Twilight in so many ways. In fact, I'm going to stop all comparisons right here and review the novel as an individual. Like I said, girl moves to town. Caitlin's mother recently died and she's living with her aunt.

Looking for a cute nerdy loner type

It's not the most desirable situation but it's what she's got. Then she get caught in a storm and is saved by Adrian, a guy vor also goes to her school. But the storm wasn't just a storm and now some evil, supernatural dude is coming after Caitlin and Adrian is the deated bodyguard. The book is a lot of fun.

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For one Caitlin is a great protagonist. She has her bad moments because she's still dealing with her mother's death, but usually, she's sarcastic and sees the humour in things. Even with the fact that Adrian is a vampire, nsrdy that's probably because she doesn't really believe looking for a cute nerdy loner type at first. Caitlin is a smart girl who's also silly at times. She's strong and resilient and I was surprised that I really like her.

I really liked Adrian too. He's also neryd and smart.

Looking for a cute nerdy loner type

He's really sweet too and I loved how his and Caitlin's relationship developed. They started off as friends, they shared many a conversations and their feeling slowly changed and grew. Speaking of conversations looknig. I loved the ones about vampires. Basically, Caitlin was very curious as to how the vampire thing worked so she asked a lot of questions.

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The lore of it lonef great. Where vamps come from, the blood drinking, the aging, the abilities, all of it. It was a mix of fantasy and science-fiction and I don't think anyone's put this much thought into a vampire's physiology. I live for details like this.

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The writing was really good and the book was hella entertaining. For problems, there were some cheesy YA tropes and some silliness, likes some of the girls at school naming Caitlin 'Mystic' because that's where she used to live that still makes no senseand the ending kind of played into a popular trope. But it wasn't a big bother. I really liked the novel overall and I'm interested to see where the story goes. I recommend checking this one out.

It's a fun read that turned out to be way better than I expected.

Looking for a cute nerdy loner type

I loved it!! It was so addicting and I could not put it down nor stop thinking about it when I actually did put it down. Looking for a cute nerdy loner type, the book is a nice to hold in your hands b smooth c has little hearts dotting the s :D My favourite paperback to date. Also the cover, just, basically, screams for anyone attention it'd haunting and beautiful at the same time. When I first read that neerdy was a vampire book and there is a vampire family Yah, they drink blood. Yah, they are technically immortal.

However, the myth varies a bit from other YA vampire novels in my opinion. It steers clear from vampires naturally becoming what they are do to vampire bites and moves more in the direction of how vampires are created. Am I making any sense??

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What is the point of the nightmares?? The novel focuses on one relationship :D The side characters Trish, Jenny, Stephanie etc; all have their own personality and they brought Stony Creek to life.

The Victoria Secret scene had me laughing out of my seat. I did not like Caitlin's character for the first fifty s. I just could not connect and she was so whiny and childish. However, I believe that the reader is suppose to feel like that. Because Caitlin is not in a very good place when the readers meet her. She is very sad and angry. Sad about her mother's death and angered at her aunt and uncle.

Put it blankly: she is not very fun to be around. Adrian is definitely one of my favourite fictional, vampire characters.

Quiz: are you a jock, nerd, goth, or else?

Good in the beginning, but quickly lost interest. So this is what Twilight should have been. And of course, she meets a mysterious gorgeous neighbor who happens to be a vampire. And… her bodyguard. I loved Caitlin. She has lonre dealing with her grief, lashing out and just trying to make it through the day. Despite her not so cheery attitude, she still manages to grab some friends.

I do too and knits! She wants to be a deer. She is not special, or particularly pretty. Anyway, so Caitlin is cool and I would have probably been her friend. Then we get to Adrian, hot vampire extraordinaire. Adrian is far from perfect and yes, he is a bit lurky. But he does have a valid reason His demon father is after Caitlin and can disguise himself as anyone. He is her bodyguard. He does allow her to have a life without him.

Really, Adrian is trying to get a handle on all of his new emotions without letting on that he might be feeling them to his crazy vampire family. Oh yeah, did I mention them? I love it. Listen, I know the YA lit world is overrun by vampire paranormal romances. Velvet is fun and very entertaining with snappy dialogue, awesome characters and some solid teen angst. I want looking for a cute nerdy loner type sitting on my z with my favorites. West, please write fast.

That ending kinda killed me. This was a great read that was full fro laughs, action, and the sweetest romance. I know the vampire genre these days gets a bad rap but this is definitely a must-read. There is so much ttpe love with this book, and it's just an overall good time! With a seemingly worn-out genre, I loved Ms. West's take on the vampire, and it definitely made for some very funny moments. There are still classic elements to her vampires, but there is also a lot of original elements that make for an interesting read.

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It is never dull or tedious to read like something you've read repeatedly before. West's writing is simply wonderful. You would never guess that she is a debut author.

Looking for a cute nerdy loner type

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