Looking for guys to come party


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Come party with us and maybe you could win a chance at selecting two gguys items for our giveaway tonight! Jump to. Accessibility Help. Up. Order now! Partay time!

Come party with us and maybe you could win a chance at selecting two bling items for our giveaway tonight! Jump to. Accessibility Help. Up.

Looking for guys to come party

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Video Transcript. Yo yo yo what's up everybody? How is it going? It's been a long time since it's just been me flying solo.

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I hope everyone's doing good today tonight man today was rainy here. I don't know about you guys, rainy and miserable. I like took a nap today which never happens never ever happens. That was me today living that nap.

Looking for guys to come party

Once you hop on so man we. Preorders tonight two Preorders to be exact I'm about to get to those people in a minute if they're on here then tonight.

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That's cool. Let me Let me find this real quick okay so I can read the comments cuz I see we got 30 people. Hi Jessica there. I can see comments crazy. Don't tell me we've been putting that put in the corner again. Parry nice to see you guys tonight. Thank you so much for coming on here alright there. I am alright. I don't need to hear myself say alright for the hundredth time today. I say it a lot actually I know Michelle is probably noticed and she hasn't said anything I say it all.

Windy So awesome Marlene Hello. How are you Kayla? What's up? So like I was saying we have a 50 percent off sale going on right now on select ;arty on the site guys. Kayla me paarty, let's see we got BJ. We've got Kayla Boom. Yes, Kayla Yours came through. Alright, so we got Kayla coms here BJ what's up? There's my looking for guys to come party person. Okay So guys you're gonna wanna go ahead and and take advantage of this this sale.

This is huge. I don't think I've ever seen 50 percent off. We've done this before Jessica I'm doing pretty good pretty good deck one 's doing okay. He he's thrown up a couple times tonight.

Looking for guys to come party

I think three but up until tonight he was having a pretty good day. I didn't have any any incidents today. All so, yeah, the past two days he hasn't really thrown up and then Friday night, I think he had Friday night. He had a couple of vomits like three or four and then Saturday Sunday looking for guys to come party and then today he had three so Debbie. I'm so glad you asked. I'm so glad you asked because I was getting to the U pick two so that you pick two is something we've done before.

I think we've done it one time basically. Is is it's a giveaway looikng you get a chance to pick two items and I will show you those two items. So in this box is a bunch of items that people have donated orders that we've opened up and people have given back to us to use as giveaways. I will Jessica Thank you. Thank you so much Kayla we love We love loooking that thank you. That means a lot.

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It really helps us out too. We've got fat. Oarty got fives sevens, Eights nines 12 and here. So basically, there's a ton of donated items that we've opened up people have donated and given away like Patrick.

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He's one of those guys that has done that. And so basically what we do with the U two is we will we'll do a drawing at the end of the night. Everybody that shared everybody that's purchased is gonna looking for guys to come party in on this drawing. We'll have the share giveaway which is basically an entry into this drawing and then everybody that's purchasing is gonna get entries into this drawing so kinda like what we are doing last week on Friday with the tickets Alyssa, what's going on?

It's going it's going pretty good tonight basically. Gonna be doing is like what the tickets the other night is we have all these drawers filled to get open so everybody that's ordering and the person that is that is that wins the share giveaway is gonna get an opportunity to pick one of these boxes. So we're gonna get to that here in a second cuz we have some people that ordered we have BJ and we have Alyssa.

How are you doing tonight? You for sharing Wendy Thank you so much guys the shares. I can't tell you how much the shares help us out.

Looking for guys to come party

They really do help us out. I'll show you guys how to do that. It's fairly simple If you go to our business coe there should be like a community button or something like that. If you click it it should show you invite friends option boom. Thanks you know what David I I haven't even got to that yet. I'm gonna pin that comment.

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I pinned it. Oh, hi Lindsey. I was telling somebody that today another consultant we were talking about looking for guys to come party idea that they've had to do something for reveal and we never got around to doing it and I was telling them man life happens is totally fine. So we're still trying to work through all that and get to the bottom of this. It's taking a while gor get there, but you know what is vomiting has gone way down.

It's decreased ificantly. So we're Super excited about that. We're Super excited. We've just started kind of talking to his school about getting him back to school, but we don't wanna rush him guyys that. We do wanna take our time with that. So we we have a meeting with the school that we've got to pick a time to do, but we have a meeting There you go Minnie you let Donald know.

Looking for guys to come party

We have a meeting that we're gonna set up with this T shirt so we can talk and try and you know go over some of our concerns. Some of the things we think might be a trigger for him coming back since he's missed so much school and then we just gotta work around it and and then go from there.

Hello Elaine. How are you doing? Shared thank you so much see how we're doing on those shares. We're over

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