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User:Somno has given us this gem which has been on my to-do list for yonks. If anyone's going down that way, please take a photo and.

I've managed to get a complete mayors' list from the Fremantle Library's historical section staff. Could someone please look through the unlinked ones they take the form A. I married know enough about the very early history to determine who they are, but many of the names look familiar.

Orderinchaos15 January UTC. Just did this one - as I'm fairly inexperienced at biographies I'd like someone to look this over and see if it can be improved.

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I'll probably be doing a lot of them in the near future so I'm quite happy to pick up what I can with these early ones. Fortuyn and Fortuyn ship need merging. I went out very early this morning to get some photos of the railway station, Mt Charlotte reservoir, Mt Percy reservoir, bit of original pipeline etc for the married seeking 2 porongurup to 4 related and pipeline articles. Any requests while I'm out and about? What happened to the XfD announcement section on the noticeboard?!

Hesperian31 January UTC.

Landmark realty wa pty ltd

Feel free to move this list to a more sensible place, if you can think of one. Hesperian14 February UTC. I spent a couple of hours picking apart the vector map of WA I made several months ago, to create individual locator dot maps of the towns on the map. They're in this category on Commons. I was almost finished doing it when I was reminded by someone that you can do dot maps using templates and a base, blank, map nowadays. But at least this one is labelled and also marks where Perth is.

Are they worth putting into articles, perhaps to replace the ones like this? Either way, they're there to use if anyone wants to. There were a lot of places I left off that original vector map e. Narrogin, Dwellingup Picked up some questionable editing loading the article in a particular direction which actually seems to be coming from a state government department User:Dlgrd.

I've tried my best to fix the thing, but married seeking 2 porongurup to 4 few sources, it's difficult - but I do know from people who have had dealings up there that there are serious questions as to the Government's case on this one, and having the government turn our article into a safety warning is not entirely appropriate.

I'm going to be insanely busy this week so would appreciate a few watchful eyes on this one. Orderinchaos15 February UTC.

Fisherman’s lodge

I'm starting on thiswill be going to take photos etc in the coming week or so. Are there any people of interest, memorials in the cemetery that would benefit from specific photos. Gnan garra19 February UTC. Clarance WA, folks to watch out for its the settlement started by Peel, in dec until may The Murray River began to gleam married seeking 2 porongurup to 4 the allure of far waters, and the proposed townsite, for which two names were suggested — either Georgetown for the present king, George IVor Clarence for the heir apparent — sound both dignified and agreeable.

Hesperian20 February UTC. I went to Woodman Point jetty recently and found they have recently re-sealed the paths along the ridge above the beach, and installed a plaque which, if I recall correctly, referred to an old settlement in the vicinity. I wonder if this is Clarence. My memory is a bit hazy. Either way, I'll eventually get around to going back and taking a photograph of the plaque. There are also two " Clarence Maps" here. I'm not sure which parts of them correspond to the township of Clarence, though, and I suspect that if the answer to the location of the town was as simple as looking at old maps, then the archaeologists wouldn't be scratching their he wondering where the town was.

Bradley John Murdoch needs to be moved to Bradley John Murdoch was wrongly convicted and should be freed immediately. Hesperian24 February UTC. WAPC has a resource of maps from the above. Any comments there. Any thoughts on this? I'm looking for a photo of a car registration plate that says "Home of the America's Cup". There must be some still around. Some suggestion of meetups around the country for this.

Married seeking 2 porongurup to 4

Can we get some Perth people together on one of those dates? It's literally just before I leave for Melbourne again, so I'm free. Orderinchaos6 March UTC. Hi we have an issue at some of our railway line articles where there is now more graphic material than we can cope with - and not a ref or cite in sight. I believe as a project we need to have consensus as to graphic information and where we have a limit or not - comments please fellow project married seeking 2 porongurup to 4 Satu Suro11 March UTC.

A big problem is the enthusiasm to put duplicate graphic information as well as blocks of info and not one cite or ref is there - Satu Suro11 March UTC. Hi Jlong here!!! Thanks for making a 13yr old's feelings hurt There is no coopyright issues in it i think The bus logo i made my self. The writing is just random writing i found on my puter, i got the colours as close as possible and also I got lots of praise from my computer teachers and art teachers for that!

One user from the perth thingy said that it would be a great seekihg for me to make one for every line I was thinking about starting again - i thought of making station s like they do on the sydney and brisbane ststions Or Not? So suggestion serking is anyone for a sub of this project to tabulate hist and misses by local media? No problems, the way I wrote above could be easily taken that way - I still think a sub on their use of WP in any sense would be an interesting exercise Satu Suro15 March UTC.

I knocked this out on thursday. Okay, I'll try to deal with this in some detail, since I'm the one being quoted. For those who haven't seen potongurup, the article is question is a Len Findlay profile on Fred Riebeling, one of the longest serving members of Parliament in Australia, who is about marridd retire. The opening couple of paragraphs read. The longest-serving Speaker in a mainland State Parliament has on his office wall a beautiful picture of Gardiner with his new fiancee, Mary Alice Holman, taken in when Gardiner was the member for Roebourne.

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The pair married on Porlngurup 9, but never lived together. Riebeling explains: "Her father took Gardiner aside and told him, 'I don't like you and next time I see you I will probably kill you. However, a more thorough read reveals that Riebeling's position is consistent with ours in asserting that Gardiner's sudden departure was an important factor in the collapse of the Scaddan Government.

Married seeking 2 porongurup to 4

The only point of difference is that Riebeling reckons he knows why, whereas we claim that it is "still unexplained". Findlay is therefore not saying that the article is wrong. He is trying to show us how Riebeling knows all sorts of stuff that is not mainstream knowledge. I'm prepared to take that as a backhanded compliment. Secondly, if Findlay wanted to give an example of the insight into WA political history that Riebeling has by virtue of married seeking 2 porongurup to 4 a long-serving minister, he could have done a lot better than choose an event poronhurup happened nearly 40 years before Riebeling was born, and nearly eighty years before he won a seat in Parliament.

Findlay insinuates that Porkngurup has privileged information, but Riebeling certainly does not. Riebeling wasn't there; he wasn't even born yet. Yo he doesn't have any privileged access to archival material that isn't also available to the WA parliamentary historian David Porohgurupwho writes of how "the governement lost Roebourne to the Liberals on November 17 at a by-election brought about by the mysterious and still unexplained departure from the state of the sitting Labor member" A New History of Western Australia, p.

The fact is, Riebeling is here dealing in parliamentary scuttlebutt, scuttlebutt seekinv Black didn't think worth repeating. Finally, I see that this has already been added to the article.

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I agree that it merits adding, but it needs to be done carefully, so as not to attribute Riebeling with more authority on the topic than he actually married seeking 2 porongurup to 4. Also, if we're going to add Riebeling's point of view, we might also add Colin Jamieson's, which is that "Gardiner's departure ti from the failed marriage" The House on the Hill, p. Hesperian15 March UTC. To re-jig this all to become a good pair of articles - the history and the timeline need help with copyedit, chasing refs and general cleanup - please in.

The poeongurup and the article are symbiotic - and the lead paragraph of the history has yet to be written - and many smaller items in the timeline do not really belong to a west australian article - any suggestions to editing to karried integrity of the list and article would be apprecited - thanks Satu Suro16 March UTC. I am currently seekjng a transperth trainline map like the one on their trains - it will have some extra information on it unlike their one!

Anyone interested in doing some changes at the portal so we can take off the under constructions ? The population figures are being changed almost every day at this stage by IP's - and intrepid admin mark tries to hold the fort - anyone interested in resoliving sekeing issue at all?

Can I get a review of my revert here please? And perhaps some eyes on the article for poorngurup next few days. Hesperian27 March UTC. Mciver and claisebrook have extra histery on their s I'm finally trying new things now. Hyde, ?

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Flight without power - the art in Australia [videorecording]1 videocassette VHS 12 min. WA segment is appr. The interesting bit is West Subiaco WA Flying club - does anyone have the slightest whether that means a ground - or airfield - anyone know where it might have been? How unfortunate - as articles they are neither a proper disambig, nor developed nor referenced nor really notable in a few senses - what a rather stupid decision Satu Suro3 April UTC.

Perth one was very much like the barracks arch for many - the rot had set in - most of the old st geos terrace had been flattened to make way for crud - and the espanade hotel was notable in that it was like the terrace buildings given the chop without much of a bleat from the pollies or any cos here was no legislation to preserve anything at that stage Henrietta has enough to make it one of the notable hotesl that got the chop before any legal constraints were available to government to say hey!

Published Gregory, Jenny. City of light, p. Indeed thats three ificantly notable esplanade hotels that need disambiguation and articles, sigh Satu Suro7 April UTC. Does anyone now if its been moved? No just having trouble to get up again from its changes - dont wait for it - might be a bit longer yet Satu Suro9 April UTC. I'd like to invite general comment on the inclusion or otherwise of some material in the Estelle Blackburn article which is questioned by Cygnis Inis.

The details can be seen in the talk for the article. As an uninvolved third party I'm married seeking 2 porongurup to 4 to call this closed. Cygnis isn't around at the moment, so there's no point waiting for his blessing.

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He can always re-open this upon his return. Five days is plenty of time. Let's make the change and move on. Hesperian16 April UTC. This may be of interest to people with recent picts of WA, it may also be of interest to watch and maybe contact the photographer if a place needing has a picture added. Gnan garra12 April UTC. Anyone have an opinion whether a similar distinction could be made of Perth in comparison with the Brisbane separation Remember the WA Portal?

Well, it would like your suggestions for articles and pictures to feature! If you have a little time, please nominate quality articles and pictures generally rated B-class and above, but can be Start-class if on an important topic - refer here for criteria related to WA. The portal is queued to automatically married seeking 2 porongurup to 4 the selected article monthly, but weekly would be preferable eventually.

We can queue large s of articles in advance to avoid the need to update it every week. This is an archive of past discussions. If you wish to start a new discussion or revive an old one, please do so on the current talk. National parks of Western Australia. Protected areas of Western Australia. Thomas Peel of Swan River. Melbourne: Oxford University Press. I'm essentially looking to get married and have more. I love to cook, clean, sew, read, love music, funny, lovesspontaneous, and I'm a very sensual person.

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