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I created this to disambiguate it from the about the movie. The information about the novella scant as it is was cut and pasted from the movie. I added a few comments to distinguish the novella from the movie. Good work creating the article. I put [ citation needed ] on the following: The escots and the movie, both parts of popular American culture, are best handled as separate entities: fans of the film who read the novella encounter a different Holly Golightly than tiffanys escorts one famously portrayed by Audrey Hepburn.

I created this to disambiguate it from the about the movie. The information about the novella scant as it is was cut and pasted from the movie. I added a few comments to distinguish the novella from the movie. Tiffanys escorts work creating the article. I put [ citation needed ] on the following: The novella and the movie, both parts of popular American culture, are best handled as separate entities: fans of the film who read the novella encounter a different Holly Golightly than the one famously portrayed by Audrey Hepburn.

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Reason is it seems like opinion, so I feel it should have a reference. It stood out to me because, as someone who has seen the film many times and then read the book, I felt that the two Hollys were very similar: Holly in the film is very close to Holly in the book. The big changes in the film are a total rewrite of toffanys Paul character tiffanys escorts the addition of his status of gigolo or kept man NOT in the book!

Other key story elements are changed too. Asa0125 October UTC. Supposedly comes from a friend of Capote's, when asked where he would like to get breakfast, suggested, "Let's get breakfast at Tiffany's. According to Gerald Clarke on of hiffanys biography of Truman Capote: Capote had heard an anecdote of a marine who was visiting New Tiffanyd and was asked to name "the fanciest, most expensive place in town" to go eat breakfast.

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The marine answered Tiffany's, which was the only fancy and expensive place in the city he had heard of. Capote filed the story away until he found the tiffanys escorts esvorts to use it. Sp3lly talk5 August UTC. Supposedly, it is about the novella by Truman Capote, but instead the majority of text is in regards to the later film made out of the movie, which has a complete of its own. I propose that most of the text about the film be moved to the film's comparisons to book, etc.

Also, critical reactions should probably be included.

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Although Holly is generally regarded to be a prostitute, call girl, hooker, etc. Just as Holly's character is carefully nuanced, so is her tiffanys escorts of making a living.

Tiffanys escorts

To simply define, label, or call her a call girl if by that we mean someone who receives money for sexual actsprostitute, etc. During much of the time frame of the novella's story, Holly is supported by Rusty Trawler and, later, by Jose Yberra-Jaegar. As such, during the bulk of the novella she is not supporting herself by providing quid-pro-quo sexual services for tiffants. One might also question if she ever supported herself in this manner. As a youth she was dependent on Doc Golightly; then she ran away to California and shacked tiffanys escorts with a horse jockey.

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Berman discovered her and groomed her to be an actress; she received marriage proposal from her shrink; no where in her life story do we see her supporting herself as a call girl. That is a tiffanys escorts, as I do not have the biography in front of me, but it captures the essence of Mr Clarke's statement. All this is not to say that Holly was not sexually promiscuous or not, I guess it might depend on one's definition of promiscuous -- in the novella Holly states that she has had a limited 11?

Tiffanys escorts

She compares this implied low with the much higher of men that Mag Wildwood has slept with yet Mag Wildwood tiffanys escorts not a call girl. What profession was Holly in New York?

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I have tried to show that before her move to New York, Holly was not never was a prostitute. She always relied tiffanyys men, older men, to support her. Yes, she gave herself sexually to at least some of these men, but she was not a prostitute call girl, hooker, whore, etc. Why would she become one tiffanys escorts NYC? An easy but erroneous answer would be because that is how she had to support herself.

Well, this answer is unsatisfactory on many counts. First, she never had in the past had to support herself in this way. Second, she is not depicted or described by Capote as a prostitute call girl, hooker, whore, etc. Third, Capote flatly denies that Holly is any of those things. She supported herself in NYC by attaching herself to rich men.

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This does not equate her as being a call girl in the way that that word is generally defined and used. She is a cafe society girl, a socialite, indeed a social climber. Look at the real life women that Capote modeled Holly after. None of them were prostitutes or call girls! Capote, in a interview for Playboy magazine flatly states that Holly is not a prostitute:. Playboy: Would you elaborate tiffanys escorts your comment that Holly was the prototype of today's liberated female and representative of a "whole breed of girls who live off men but are not prostitutes.

They're our version of the geisha girl. Capote: Holly Golightly was not precisely a callgirl. She had no job, but accompanied expense- men to the best restaurants and night clubs, with the understanding that her escort was obligated to give her some sort of gift, perhaps jewelry or a check So these girls are the authentic American geishas, and they're much more prevalent now than in orwhich was Holly's era.

This question and answer excerpt from Playboy can be found reprinted in this New Yorker article.

So I think it best that escorrts not use the word call girl hooker, escort, prostitute, whore, woman of the night, et al. First, people will associate the common understanding of those terns as applying to Holly, which they do not. Second, even in a more nuanced way, she made money from sex, but she was not exactly a prostitutethere is still the use of the word prostitute.

I would aim to use something much more faithful to Capote's Holly, which he says is a sort of American geisha girl. A potential problem with this is that most Western readers do not know what a geisha is, and so that adds another problem and another area of potential confusion. Included in this is that tivfanys Westerners think that geisha girls are indeed prostitutes. Holly was a tiffanys escorts, a gold digger, surviving off of rich men's pay checks.

When the story of tiffanya narcotics scandal broke escirts New York, she realized she had to flee NYC or else she might have to become a "whore" her words. She does not do this, but we see her down in South America running after rich men again -- she is not a call girl. I have used the term "gold digger" or a short equivalent phrase before in this article, but it has been replaced by companion, with a link to call girl, which is misleading and false, and not faithful to Holly Golightly tfifanys Capote creates in his novella.

None of these words are right. They are all professions.

And while geisha girl is a profession in Japan, Capote did not use it as such as a tiffanys escorts but as a life style. She "live[s] off men but is not a prostitute. Any link to call girl, escort should not be used when describing Holly. Nor should companion be used with a link to call girl.

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I think that companion could be used, if it is unlinked to call girl and perhaps if it referenced by Capote's words in the Playboy article. Otherwise, substitute something like "American-style geisha" with a link to Geisha and a quote from the Playboy article. The problem is that, just as Holly is a finely nuanced character, it is hard to find tiffanys escorts word that describes how she supported herself.

Tiffanys escorts

Sp3lly talk17 June UTC. The section for Characters states that Fred is gay, based on "coded language. Without getting into a long and contentious fight over whether the character is gay, I submit that the website is not a reliable source and the tffanys should be removed. Did Capote himself say the character was tiffanys escorts Does any published review say so?

If not, a website alone is not sufficient to let the claim stand, IMHO. Purplethree talk18 September UTC. Fred is clearly gay. No source is needed for this. Tiffayns hilarious you can't see tiffanys escorts.

Tiffanys escorts

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Tiffanys escorts

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Tiffanys escorts

This article was the subject of an educational asment that ended on 31 May Further details tiffanys escorts available here.

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