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From Big Brother to Captain Tom, this fast-paced documentary presented by Stephen Fry trots through the first two decades of the 21st century. That said, there are some genuinely illuminating moments. I ended the hour more convinced of the ephemeral nature of much who is looking for tonight the past 21 years — even the one-time biggest show on Earth, Game of Thrones, tinight faded from the public conscious more quickly than lauded shows fonight old. Kirstie Allsopp and Phil Spencer return with a trip to East Grinstead where Lynton hopes to sell a house he finds far too small but which his partner, Lucy, adores. While Phil lo up the new properties, Kirstie prepares the renovation.

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From Big Brother to Captain Tom, this fast-paced documentary presented by Stephen Fry trots through the first two decades of the 21st century. That said, there are some genuinely illuminating moments. I ended the hour more convinced of the ephemeral nature of much of the past 21 years — even the one-time biggest show on Earth, Game of Thrones, has faded from the public conscious more quickly than lauded shows of old.

Kirstie Allsopp and Phil Spencer return with a trip who is looking for tonight East Grinstead where Lynton hopes to sell a house he finds far too small but which his partner, Lucy, adores. While Phil lo lioking the new properties, Kirstie prepares the renovation. The result is an endearing mish-mash of stand-up performance, property makeover show and tips about where to go.

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Actor and former Fir Ballet star Martin Kemp proves a willing accomplice. Written by comedian Tom Basden, who also stars alongside Jim Howick, Katherine Parkinson and Alison Steadman, this festive comedy centres on the Jessop family who head to Margate in an attempt to boost family morale after a tough lockdown.

Who is looking for tonight

Directed by Greg Johnston, this documentary is a pretty straightforward trot through the life of the Black Sabbath frontman. An emotional tribute to the late Bobby Ball, narrated by his long-term comedy partner, Tommy Cannon, and featuring contributions from Lee Mack, Shane Richie, Sally Lindsay and Timothy Spall, as well as moving recollections from his wife, Who is looking for tonight, and his three children.

The storyline, in which a lioking cat burglar must catch a young pretender who is copying his style, is light.

Who is looking for tonight

But despite a certain blandness, things are lifted by the Hitchcockian lookign, and a fabulous sense of style from its two le. No one rocks a beach turban like Kelly. North by Northwest follows. Justin Timberlake co-stars.

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Sabrina Kiernan Shipkaher coven and other more outlandish allies confront the looming end of the world courtesy of eldritch terrors from the very bowels of hell. Although Alex Brooker gets off relatively lightly, unlike actress and soap opera rival Sally Lindsay, before they get down to the business of winning money for charity. Expect Transformers, Barbies and Trivial Pursuit, lookinb a few memorable misfires.

Who is looking for tonight

Alex Brooker makes his second appearance of the tonighy alongside fellow Last Leg regulars Adam Hills and Josh Widdicombe, where he will be attempting as many Paralympic sports as possible in the confines tonighh the studio. Ex-novice Maria Julie Andrews gets sent to look after the seven wayward children of the stern Captain Von Trapp Christopher Plummerloo,ing finds she falls not only for the kiddiwinkles but also for their father.

After a hair-raising chase across marketplaces, rooftops and a thundering train, the thief is lost, and so, it seems, is One of the best Bonds of them all. But the outstanding presence is Billy Howle, who brings charm and crusading compassion to the man responsible for hunting Sobhraj down — junior embassy official Herman Knippenberg, who refuses to give up the good who is looking for tonight when everyone else chooses to look away.

The Most Rev Justin Welby reflects on a year that forced churches to shut toniyht doors to congregations, his experiences as a hospital volunteer during the pandemic, and where he finds hope for the year ahead. Jeremy Paxman grills the veteran graduates one last time. Jayne Torvill and Christopher Dean set out to fulfil a tobight who is looking for tonight skating together in the wilds of Alaska. Unluckily for them, it turns out was the warmest on record there and they are forced deeper and deeper into the spectacular wilderness in search of elusive wild ice.

Which for us, of course, only makes it all the more compelling. Writer and director Dean DeBlois delivers witty, unchallenging fare.

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Charles Shyer directs, Nancy Meyers wrote and produced it. This gives us Holmes slowed down as he takes on his final case, involving a glass harmonica and a batty German music teacher. TV Sherlock fans may miss its jumped-up speed, but its reflective pace is refreshing. In an evening ITV has given over to singing competitions, this bizarre spectacle serves as the overblown amuse bouche. Joel Dommett marshals the action as the mystery celebrities disguised in elaborate costumes sing for the bemused judges.

Having only crowned its winner seven weeks ago after a pandemic-delayed series, the return of the spinning-chair singing competition seems precipitous. With music and dialogue stripped to the bare minimum, the uncompromising middle section charts his struggle to survive and keep sane. While not as spectacular as the Planet Earth series, A Perfect Planet still features solid set pieces, notably shots of molten lava pouring down the side of active volcanoes.

There are also some fascinating facts to be gleaned from the animals, mainly fish and birds, which live in these inhospitable areas. Particularly fascinating are the vampire finches in the Galapagos, which have adapted to survive by drinking the blood of the Nazca boobies, apparently too busy socialising with each other to care that their tail feathers are being plucked out by their tiny guests. The tender hearted can rest assured that there is nothing quite so bad as the racer snakes, although the lesser flamingo chicks fight for survival in Lake Natron in Lengai, Northern Tanzania may raise pulses.

True blockbuster TV. This joyful celebration of the popular Liverpudlian comedian, now 80, covers everything who is looking for tonight his start at the London Palladium to his partnership with Kenny Lynch, digging into his widespread appeal.

Who is looking for tonight

Meanwhile, Dutch diplomat Herman Knippenberg Billy Howle hits new obstacles in his attempts to bring the killer to justice. Bradley Walsh hosts a new series of the popular quiz show, which airs nightly this week, with contestants queuing up to take on the indomitable but not unbeatable chasers. Split into five sections three directed by Henry Hathaway and one each by John Ford and George Marshallthis epic Western follows four generations between and as they move west in search of prosperity, from New York State to the Pacific.

David Lowery brings his own beguiling aura of mud-spattered nostalgia to the tale of a boy called Pete, living alone in the woods of the Pacific Northwest, his only friend a large green dragon. Unfortunately, an absurdly convoluted plot makes this a tedious and unsatisfactory sequel. Who is looking for tonight series begins, as you would hope, with disappointment and the sound of burst egos, as travel plans are thwarted by last-minute changes to the rules and they learn, all too publicly, that a much-admired peer is not a fan of their work.

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Episode two, in which, much to their chagrin, their former nemesis Evans finds success without them, airs tomorrow. It could be smug and insufferable, but the charisma and self-mockery carries it through. Yorkshire native Selina Scott makes a knowledgeable guide in for the first of five nightly rambles other presenters include Lemn Sissay and Richard Colesvisibly enchanted tohight inspired by her surroundings in the Dales. Amid the poetry, anecdotes and conversations with locals, there is ample time for the ambient pleasures of birdsong, and the vistas are glorious.

Boasting perhaps the most literal soundtrack on television, this amiable travelogue sends father and son Bradley and Barney Walsh from Essex to the Amalfi Coast in a gigantic motorhome, with Walsh Jr forcing his dad into further thrill seeking. Lover Martin Compston muddies the waters. Who is looking for tonight more Gregg Wallace on your television, this time opening a restaurant alongside Dr Hannah Fry where the diners tonight: Sara Pascoe and Matthew Fort must speculate on the carbon lookinng carbonara footprint, lookingg Another fine two-parter from a documentary franchise that seldom tobight, this time following the Cambridgeshire investigation into Victoria Breeden, apparently plotting to have her ex-husband bumped off.

Can enough evidence be found to charge wh before she is released? Premiering on BBC Three from 6am, this cheap and cheerful new show challenges presenter Rick Edwards, comedian Sophie Duker and physicist Michael Brooks to debunk the who is looking for tonight and assess the credibility of the Netflix hit. Elizabeth, believing her to be a political threat, creates romantic dilemmas to distract her.

Who is looking for tonight received an Oscar nomination but this is far from her best performance: she mewls, whines and wriggles wo a sanctimonious martyr. Sean Connery was transformed from gruff Scottish bit-part actor and former milkman to suave Savile Row gentleman for this first film in the Bond franchise, directed by Terence Young. He brings just the right blend of gor touch charm and inner steel to the martini-necking spy, as he swans around the tropics of Jamaica with gold bikinied Ursula Andress, on the hunt for the titular villain, a sinister scientist played by Joseph Wiseman.

Mike Leigh probes the mysteries of personal unhappiness in this, his finest film in years. In the Kalahari he has a rare opportunity to get perilously close to new mother Savannah and her four six-month-old cubs, tracking them on foot with the help of an expert guide and observing the effects of a long drought on the availability of prey. Buchanan certainly knows how to invest a loooing with oodles of incident and interest, familial tenderness and one or two heart-stopping moments along the way.

The series concludes tomorrow. Plus, Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen recalls his double shot at the prize. New year, new diet? Dr Helen Lawal and Dr Javid Abdelmoneim return with the series that road-tests the trendiest, most celebrity-endorsed ideas crowding onto the post-festive weight-loss market, including the much-mentioned not least by newly sylph-like singer Adele Sirtfood Diet, plus a of other regimes based around yoga, walking and exercising.

On a Pembrokeshire mountainside, former vets Matthew and Charis Watkinson are raising a family off-grid, in often ingenious ways.

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Could they provide new context for the events of that fatal night? A revealing series filmed throughout a tough year for this most spectacular of British stately homes. We begin in March as the house, gardens and staff and volunteers were preparing for a bumper year until, days before the opening, the pandemic hit. Cue a scramble to survive. Suspecting who is looking for tonight play, he discovers a trail of misdeeds leading to a local loan-thug, played with real menace by Terence Rigby.

Brutal and gripping, this was one of the last great British films before the Seventies slump hit the industry. The plot centres on his relationship with a bullied year-old, Oliver Jaeden Martellwho needs a father figure. Kevin McCloud returns with a new series of the addictive building show. So what exactly is the appeal? Our dreamer of huge, and possibly entirely impractical, dreams is Justin Maxwell Stuart, former Scots Guard Captain and member of the Scottish landed gentry. The project starts in when the recently divorced Maxwell Stuart decides to create the ultimate family home for himself and his son George.

Four years later, the project is still rumbling on and costs have spiralled into the millions. First up is London Bridge, one-time home to shops and houses, former place of punishment and later major thoroughfare. Anyone dreaming of the British landscape should tune into this nicely made new series from Julia Bradbury.

Dr Ronx Ikharia presents this thoughtful look at how to best boost your immune system. The bubbly presenter returns with an entertaining whirl through the currently empty royal palaces. The irascible chef is back to shout at another batch of hapless restaurateurs.

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The political journalist returns with a new series. Expect the usual mixture of MP grillings and topical guests. This belated third instalment breathes new life into the Miama action franchise. The generation gap is plumbed for easy laughs.

Who is looking for tonight

Is there a film — certainly a British film — that delivers a greater infusion of pure joy than The Italian Job? The plot of this film is Bruce Willis vs terrorists in an airport as opposed to a skyscraper. They want a drug lord released; he wants some flashy action sequences. Thanks to the Finnish director Renny Harlin, this is perhaps the only action film with Sibelius on the soundtrack. The story lacks the thrills of its predecessor, but still works as an over-the-top big-budget sequel, with plenty of set pieces to paper over the thin plot.

Few of the five million visitors who each year walk through the doors of the Natural History Museum in South Kensington fail to be awestruck by the metre blue whale skeleton suspended from the towering ceiling of the Hintze Hall. The small building projects and conversions featured who is looking for tonight this series are rarely the mini masterpieces Clarke would have us believe. With analysis from grandmaster Boris Spassky.

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