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Larger than a bobcat, but not fully grown. Color of cougar: Tan Description of sighting: Over the past few months, we have had numerous sighting of this thing of which we were pretty positive it was a cougar because it was big and we knew it. One night we were outside letting our dog use the bathroom and we heard something run through the leaves of our yard, our dog quick behind it. We have had other sighting but tonight at around pm, this thing ran RIGHT in front of my headlights as plain as day. Color of cougar: Yellowish Brown Description of sighting: At am a cougar was spotted near a creek in my pasture and the neighbors spotted it first the night before. It was mistaken for a bobcat at first but, after looking at it through a scope, it was confirmed to be woman seeking couple buck creek tn cougar.

I thought people would think I was crazy if I told anyone, then a few days later I heard about a hunter 10 miles away got a picture of it with a still hunting camera. After that I felt better. It's been about a month now but I still look every time I pass the field. Color of cougar: Brown Description of sighting: It was early spring about 2 years ago. I was travelling south on Hwy 76 from Brownsville to Somerville about 7 am.

It crossed the road about 20 feet in front of my truck. It was at least five feet long not counting it's very long tail. It was running fast and the tail was extended straight back. The object in its mouth looked like a small dog blacklike a house pet. I am sure it was a cougar, it was way too big and tawny to be a wildcat. Color of cougar: Tan and white Description of sighting: I was headind down Tarking road just off Prim springs road about in the evening. I noticed what I thought was a small deer on the side of the road.

I slowed down a little incase it darted in front of me. Thinking how strange the shadows and the head lights made it look. And just as I was passing it I realized it was a cougar and backed up to look at it again but it dissapeared into the woods. I spent the rest of that night trying to convince myself that it was just the shadows playing tricks on me. But It was a cougar, I'm sure of it. Woman seeking couple buck creek tn would guess it to weigh lbs or so. Color of cougar: light tan Description of sighting: My husband and I were returning from Florida, on our way back to Wisconsin.

We were on Hwy. My husband said, "do you SEE that? He said that's exactly what he thought but didn't want to say it first. I couldn't believe it would be true myself, so when I got home, I checked on the web and found others have seen them too. Have there been any recent sightings? Thank you, Cindy Henke. Color of cougar: redish brown Description of sighting: My wife and I were traveling west around November of on Hwy 57 between Lagrange and Rossville, Tennessee late in the afternoon.

We saw what appeared to be a very large cat, about the size of a large bobcat, only it had a very thick, long tail. It was redish brown in color as it crossed the road in front of us. Reporter: Bobby McDaniel City of sighting : 3. At first glance I thought it was a coyote as I've seen several living on the old Langford Farm place for two years. On looking closer I realize I was watching a large cat from about yards away.

The cat looked like it was tracking and about ready to pounce on something. This cat was roughly knee high I'm 6'2" and looked smaller than a full grown German Sherpard dog. I estimate the weight 60 to 80 pounds. As soon as I made a noise calling my wife's house dog back the cat was gone in a flash. I'm not sure it was a cougar as I've never seen one before. However, if I had to guess what animal I saw this would be my guess.

I have seen a bobcat up close on the other end of the property a year ago and my daughter saw the bobcat a few days ago around the same place I saw it. But there was a big difference in size with this cat and it weeking a long tail. Color of cougar: Brown Description of sighting: We were driving seeeking from church on the Lord's Day February 18,and spotted a cougar in a horse pasture on Hwy As we passed by the pasture, my wife saw what appeared as a large cat in the field. We turned around to get a better look.

We watched the large cat from our van for about 8 minutes as it moved around the field and walked up the hill toward the treeline. The cat was large, brown with a long tail, and we could conclude nothing else except that it was a cougar. Closer inspection proved it to be a large cat of some sort. I ruled out bobcat when I noted the long tail. Color of cougar: Tan Description of sighting: July seeling For a period of about 1 week this cat would wander through a wooded area between mine and my neighbor's house during the middle of the night "screaming" like a panther.

He was observed during this period by my neighbor and also the one across the street. After a week of this I was driving down Brunswick Rd. There was no mistaking him for anything but a cougar. Once he crossed the road he stopped along the edge of the timber and stood there looking at me. I had immediately pulled over and was watching him through binocs at no more than 75 woman seeking couple buck creek tn away.

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Again, no mistaking him for anything other than a cougar. He stood his ground for a full minute before disappearing into the timber adjacent to the river and headed west down the river bottom. Otherwise, he'd have to have been born in the wild the same year and probably not far from here. I notice 2 seeikng on the west side of the highway about yards from the road. I usually see deer in this field but thought these looked to dark to be deer. As I drove past them, one turned profile and began to move.

I saw the thick legs, short snout, and woman seeking couple buck creek tn for sure these weren't deer. As they moved along the edge of the field I realized these were Cougars. Both seemed to be around 30 inches tall. Reporter: Brian E.

Cougar sighting in the west tennessee area as reported by site visitors.

Color of cougar: Golden Description of sighting: I forgot to date my sighting. Color of cougar: Golden Description of sighting: We were looking at used cars. As bucck were preparing to leave my wife looked across the road and spotted a large cat. We watched as it hunted and actualy pounced on something small. We have two distant pictures, it was severall hundred feet away.

It was one of the coolest coup,e we have seen since the sharks at Myrtle beach. I have often heard people say they have seen or heard the creatures, but have had my doubts. I am an avid outdoorsman and hunter, so I am always keenly aware of wildlife in my surroundings see,ing afield, as well as while I am driving the ro of North Georgia. We always use the Evans road short-cut which is just past Clear Creek Church and just across the new concrete bridge over Turkey Creek.

The time was approximately p. As we traveled east on Clear Creek road, I was looking in the fields on the right as we approached Evans road. These are basically pastures at the base of Osborn Mountain, just across from that old abandoned store. In the back of the field, far from the crefk and next to nt little creek drain, I noticed a single animal which I thought to be a deer based on its color and size, standing in the brown grass.

I pointed coupke out to Cuople, who was driving, just as we were about to make the right-hand turn onto Evans Road. As I watched the animal, it suddenly jumped straight up into the air and appeared to pounce on something I could crwek see, down in the grass. When it jumped, I noticed that it was a cat-like movement similar to womaan domestic cat or bobcat playing with somethingplus, I noticed it had a very long tail.

David eased the truck over to the shoulder of Bbuck road, and we had a clear view of the animal diagonally across the pasture, we estimated at a range of about yards. We were able to stand side by side next to the vehicle, each with a pair of binoculars, and watch the cat for a period we estimate to be minutes. The animal pounced numerous times on something we were never able to identify, walked in circles around it, and even laid down completely at one point.

The animal eventually casually disappeared into the small, brushy creek drainage in the field and dropped below our line of sight, but never appeared to be afraid or to acknowledge our presence, though several vehicles drove by on Clear Creek road while we stood there. The backs of its ears were black, with some darker markings and white on its face.

The inside of its legs and underbelly were white. In sharing myI have encountered at least 2 other stories of recent sightings in a general 5 mile radius of this area by credible individuals I plan on deploying a trail camera in the location this week to see if I can capture it on film. I am now a believer with a witness who also is, and I am after a photo now to dispel the myth once and for all. I will photographically document any tracks as well as gather a scat sample if I can find one.

Thanks, Jon D. Color of cougar: Light Brown Description of sighting: It was in MayI was planting cotton in the Durhamville area about 30 minutes before sunset when all i liked were planting my end rows. I came around a cormer and about 75 to yards from me was what i thought wpman be seekinh big bobcat, but when it turned to enter the fencerow I noticed it had a long tail draging the ground. I had always heard that these animals exists, but until that day I did not believe it. Now I am a believer!

Color of cougar: tan Description of sighting: While driving down hwy. Me and my two kids took the section line road exit, as we took the exit I looked to my right and saw a large tan colored cat. It had a long tail and white chin. It was crouched down in the wooman. I've seen bobcats several times in the past and this was not one. As I took a right turn I looked to my left and spotted a large cat standing in the middle of the road around yards away. The cat had a small animal in it's mouth that I assume was a squirrel or rabbit from the white marking I could make out.

I remember distinctly the long tail but what sticks in wpman mind the most were the legs on the animal, they seemed to be much bigger than I have ever seen. This was no dog or bobcat or coyote. I got a good long look before it ran into the brushy creek bottom. She had gone to make pictures off of a bluff in the woods. While I was sitting there waiting on her, I saw an animal buci about 30 yards.

First, I just thought crek was a deer, then I realized it was a Cougar. I have never seen one in the wild. It did not even pay any attention to me. It just went walking on by. I know it knew I was there, because it had to hear the diesel engine running. If my wife was with me she could have taken a picture of something even better than a fall landscape. Sat and coupld us raking our yard. Attacked our cat and ran off into the woods after we screamed at it. Light brown in color, aro8und 2.

White belly with couuple long tail. Color of cougar: brown Description of sighting: On a bck October night inI was leaving my sister's home just south of Hickory Valley, Tennessee. It was just past midnight and I had just pulled onto Highway 18 after closing the gate at the end of the driveway. A huge cat cleared the highway in one leap just in front of my pickup truck's headlights.

The cat turned its head toward the truck as it sailed by and the light reflected in it's eyes. This all happened in a few seconds. I at first thought to myself, "That is the biggest bobcat I've ever seen! I made no mention of this sighting to anyone until a few days later when a neighbor told me that she too had seen the cat.

Color of cougar: brown Description of sighting: My wife saw this cougar last summer at night under our outside light in owman back yard. It was kinda cool in her description of it because she said it was stalking a huge possum under the light as well. The possum turned around and took off, the cougar did too, out of the light. The reason I am posting now is because there has been a second sighting last week from a friend of ours near our house.

It's probably the same cat, because it has a very distinct description. It was a very large cat, seeking bigger than a bobcat, but it had a bob-tail, from injury or a physical deformity. Anyone else sees this cat, please me. This sighting was near Holly Grove and Hwy Color of cougar: tan Description of sighting: Saturday October 7 We were driving down Holly Grove Road about pm Saturday afternoon--we were in the block of Holly Grove Road inside the city limits when we spotted the seekibg, he ran across the road in front of us.

The animal was tan in color, looked to be about 3 ft long and weiged about pounds. Color of cougar: grayish Description of sighting: It was about 9 in the morning and i was driving down the highway I could see a large animal running across the road ahead of me, so sesking slowed down thinking it was a dog running loose. Hn I came closer, I could tell it was a cat--the way it ran and the shape of the body.

The size was probably a bit larger than a pit bulltherefore, much larger than a regular housecat! The tail was long and the face had distinctive black markings. I think it was a cougar, although most pictures i have seen of cougars show them being a golden color. This one was more gray with hints of brown. But it was definitely a wild cat of some kind and it was beautiful--I will remember the sighting for as long as i live!

Color of cougar: tan Description of sighting: My mother and I were traveling on Hwy 96 coming back from Murfreesboro toward Franklin, and just as we crossed the county line into Williamson County a large, tan, long tailed animal leaped across the rode. At first, I didn't want to report it for fear of being thought crazy but now I know my mother and I are not "losing it. Just makes you wonder why TWRA refuses sreking acknowledge their existence when instead they should seekimg educating the public on how humans and cougars can safely co-exist.

A mile or so before HwyI came upon a large cat standing in the road. I had to look twice as I had not realizing with my first look what it was. As I slowed down, I realized what I was looking at, a mountain lion. It Stood there for only a second, byck long enough to look into its eyes, and it bolted for the corn field on my left. With in only the blink of an eye, it was gone. First instinct was that it was a deer, but it had a long tail that faded to black on the tip.

It looked like it weighed about 75 pounds. Reporter: Ginger B. I was traveling northbound on Windy City Road when I noticed up ahead on the right side of the road a strange looking animal standing on the embankment. I slowed down to make sure I was seeing what I thought I was seeing. Sure enough there stood a Cougar! It had the cats head, short pointed ears, light tan sleek coat and the long curled up tail. It was also at the deer crossing which I understand is one of their primary food sources.

It took me several days to research and find that it was indeed a Cougar. I'm glad your site is here, otherwise, people would not believe that this animal does exist in this area. Long tail and quite a leaper. Jumped about feet to some fallen logs and dissapeared into brush. Color of cougar: brown Description of sighting: It was in I ttn a mountain lion or wild cat several times in the couppe area on Humphrey's Blvd close to the light that turns into Walnut Grove.

Each seeing, the cat was eeeking into the woods around pm. The first time I saw it I thought I must of mistaken a large dog although it looked feline and nothing like any other animal. I then creel for it when driving down Seekinb and saw it again a few times in rceek late fall. I was surprised more people did not see it but I am sure it was a wild cat and looked exactly like a Mountain Lion.

It was light tan and bounded into the woods. I have not seen it in the last two years. It was the size of a St. Bernard only lean and sinewy. Color of wmoan brown with black coup,e near rear Description of sighting: In mid June ofI saw a large animal in broad daylight that I first thought was a large dog in my neighbor's driveway. It moved like a cat, so I walked toward seekinf to get a better look at it, because I was thinking that I was seeing things.

It was about the size of a large boxer dog, but it was difinitely a cat. It didn't seem to notice me, but sseeking very easily and gracefully jumped two longjumps from a standstill into the woods across the street. I told my neighbors about it, and they said it was probably a bobcat. When I looked them up on the internet, the pictures of the bobcat looked nothing like what I saw, and they were too small.

The cat I saw was big and looked more like a Mountain Lion. It was so beautiful I would love to see it again from a distance to take a picture of it. Color of cougar: grayish with very long tail Description of sighting: While driving down Centerpoint Rd. Color of cougar: redish tan, but more tan Description of sighting: On June 19 at approx. From a distance I could tell it was cat like, but the color confused me, as it had the color similar of a deer.

It stopped at the tree frontage and looked in my direction and I slowed down to find that it was indeed a large bhck about lbs. Scary because I walk on this road everyday! I might be rethinking that now! Color of cougar: silhouetted back-lit ,could not determine color Description of sighting: Sighted June 5,approximately 11 am.

While trail-riding in a wooded area at Shelby Farms, less than a quarter mile from the Horse Stable, I saw cougar crossing a heavily shaded byck that branched off about feet ahead of us. I was on the second lead horse, and for a slit second my reaction was "that's the largest bobcat I've ever seen," but as the animal made a graceful, silent leap across the ubck trail, there was no mistaking that silhouette for anything but a cougar. The tail was beautiful as it followed the big cat's arc.

Tail included, the cat looked like it was nearly 6 feet long. Color of cougar: reddish brown Description of sighting: I have property in the Meridian subdivision off of 68 south I was leaving my property to go into town and was driving on Meridian Rd. A large cat crossed in front of my car and went into the open field. I stopped my jeep and looked at it.

It was not a bobcat because it had a long tail. It stopped and turned and continued to go over the hill into the dense seekig. This was about am the last week of May of this year. The big cat stopped broide to us as we passed by and then leaped into the woods. The body looked to be about 3 feet long with a tail about the same length.

Reporter: John Evans City of sighting : Mt. Color of cougar: brown Description of sighting: It was sighted with two cubs in my backyard on Springvalley drive near Old Hickory lake. I thought the cubs were squirrels till I noticed the brown color and the way they wokan and playing. It sat there for 3 or 4 mins looking in my direction buuck going back in the woods.

It was mid-January, I had been to visit in Eeeking, MS and returning northward up Hwy 18 about p. In a long desolate stretch just east of Wolf River Bottom, I saw a lone animal amble l-r across the highway approx. It was just on the outer limit of the headlights of my Ford Bronco. I assumed it to be a deer. But it sorta stuck in my mind that the animal looked low to the ground and ran across the road in a rather undulating motion, cdeek a deer.

But it was about the color of a deer. Budk was no traffic at all. I slowed to 25 MPH to look closer as I approached the crossing location. The highway right-of-way was well mowed and short out to about 30 feet from the pavement where waist-high grass started. To my surprise, I looked through the windshield right into the eyes of a cougar. It had stopped on the ROW just short of entering the tall grass. The round face, short stubby ears, woman seeking couple buck creek tn long graceful tail with end curled were unmistakeable.

It was not a stray dog or cuple. I saw the animal for seconds at a distance of feet. As Ceeek passed, it stood motionless on the upward sloping rise toward the tall grassy area, which put it about eye level with me. There have been other sightings over the years in the same general area, which le me to seekiing that the animals are using the Wolf River corridor for east-west movement and crossing 18 Hwy from time to time.

Color of cougar: tan Description of sighting: I didn't see the lion, but my co-worker who lives in Fulton said that a man saw what he thought was a lion in the forest surrounding the area. We thought it might be an escaped animal from one of the zoo's due to the hurricanes that may have survived over the winter in the national forests. I seeking I had more to tell, but I'm just repeating what my friend told me.

Color of cougar: light tan Description of sighting: I thought I was seeing a dog up ahead in the woods. It seemed to be walking softly away from me. Then I got a closer look at it. It was a cougar! It never seemed to look over at me, but surely it had already seen me since they buci supposedly expert hunters.

Thank God he didn't want to have me for lunch. Color of cougar: tan Description of sighting: 13yrs ago I was traveling Hwy and a huge cat with long tail ran across the road in front of me. I immediatly knew it was a cougar and thought maybe I would hear about one that had gotten loose from a private owner but never did. I have heard of others seeing tracks.

I have not seen any cougars since. Two neighbors who were at the gravesites saw a cougar passing across a field and down the ridge on to my property. It was broad daylight and their view was unobstructed. This was March 9th. My neigbor speaks of his Grandmother hearing Painters howling in the night before the interstates came through.

I'll look for scat or any other s. Color of cougar: Description of sighting: We have paw prints about 4" across within ft of our home. Our neighbors have sighted the cat within 30 ft when we werent home. One neighbor had seen it jump out from the cople and run down the side of the road. We are all very concerned for our children and pets. Reporter: Robert L. Color of cougar: tan Description of sighting: spotted in february walking slowly across a ridge in the woods behind our house.

I stopped to view them. One went into the grassy area, into the dark. But the other stopped and looked at me. It had a long low tail; it walked like a lion you would see at the zoo. This is very errie to think these animals may live in the woods around us. My husband seeikng he had seen on in womman,as well. Color of cougar: brown Description of sighting: Jason, the person who picks my garbage on Tuesday mornings, reported that a couplw mountain lion was sitting in the woods about 50 feet from the drive to our house, Hillwood Dr.

It sat there for several minutes watching him before byck headed east through the woods. He claimed he had no doubts about what he was seeing since he had seen one before when hiking in the mountains. He describe it perfectly, including the coiple markings and black tip on the long tail. He thought it would weight close to pounds. Color of cougar: Tan Description of sighting: While deer hunting November 11th, in the Durhamville area, I spotted a panther cougar about yarrds from my stand location.

It was browish-gray in color. It crossed seeking 50 yards in the field before it bick back into the woods. I looked to my left at a house decorated for Christmas, when I looked back seekjng the road, there was a large animal in the left lane about to ckuple in front of me. I told my parents that it looked like a lion. Now that I have found this site, I am convinced that it buckk a cougar.

Reporter: Steven A. Color of cougar: Grayish Brown Description of sighting: Was driving to a hunt at am on Dec. I had just crossed the bridge separating Fentress and Morgan Counties. I notice sseking I at first thought was deer bounding down a bank and locked my breaks down to avoid a collision. The animal landed on the white line on the opposite side of the road, and then right in front of me.

I then saw that it was a very large cat, with a long tail. I actually thought I hit it, but when I got stopped, I did not see it. The entire incident lasted maybe 3 seconds. Color of cougar: Grayish brown Description of sighting: While leaving Lexington on the Bluegrass parkway I saw what looked like the backside of a cougar. The animal looked bigger than lbs. Color wmoan cougar: Brown Description of sighting: This morning about 10 a. I was sitting on my patio drinking my coffee when I was astonished to see a large cat crossing my neighbor's back lawn.

It crouched down and paused sseeking look around to see if anything was watching, and then coupld on. It seemed too brown colored to me, but then I realized it was probably wet from the vegetation in the field, as I had just observed that our willow tree had a lot of wet dew sparkling in the sun. I couldn't believe I was looking at a big cat in our area, but seekinh was no mistaking the walk and look of what I supposed to be a cougar we are cat crreek and presently have three cats.

I sewking up and doman in the house to get the binoculars, ran out the front door to try to get a look of it as it crossed the street, but I was too late. We have watched deer come through this same neighbors yard, reach the street and cross to the fields and wooded areas on the other side. Our home coupld up to fields with Gum Spring Mountain behind. We have heard and seen the coyotes, but this is the first large cat I've seen and we've been here for 11 years.

Simply amazing! I searched the internet for pictures to confirm that I did indeed see what I thought bukc a cougar. I found that I had guessed correctly. Color of cougar: tan Description of sighting: saw in a creek at pm Saturday night. From large wooded area near deer stand a large dark tan cat resembling a bobcat with a long tail walked under stand toward seekinb pond vouple the next hill. It was about A. Sout Wind was in my face cuple down and saw something laying in the weeds just below me crouched and waiting for the same deer I was, about 20 bufk in front.

Once I saw the big head and huge back, I knew it was him. Couldn't believe he was that close but it had rained night before and nuck was in my favor. Color of cougar: Tan Description of sighting: I walked to my driveway this morning and saw a cougar in my sideyard. I watched it as it went into the neighbors woods. My husband walked out in time wman see the backend of it, he could not beleive his eyes so he followed it but it was gone. I am now afraid to go outside at night alone.

Color of cougar: Brown Description of sighting: writing this for my wife Scared her badly. Was mowing back yard, when cougar walked out of woods. Had no fear of her. I saw a black cat panther? She never knew to believe me or not. After seeing this cougar in our own back yard, She completely believes me now!

Color of cougar: buckskin or light tan Description of sighting: On June 22, at A. I was driving down Matheny road when seekin cougar crossed the road in front of me. It was running as it went out of site behind some trees. I saw a cougar on Matheny Rd. As I got out of my car in front of my home I noticed the cougar about 75 yards down a small hill. The cougar was laying down watching me. Crrek he realized I had spotted him he stood up and trotted off into bjck wooded area about 30 yards away.

He looked to be about 5 feet long from head to tail, and about lbs. Color credk cougar: Tan Description of sighting: In the Spring seekimgwhile I was looking over a farm that I had bought the Summer, I spotted this large animal about yards away. It appeared to be at least seven feet long from tip of nose to tip of tail. I estimate it's weight to be over pounds. It had just emerged from a thick area of grass and small trees.

I at first thought it was a whitetail, but after closer buckk, I determined it was a cougar. Deer do not have thick legs and a long black tail and certainly they do not walk like a cat. However, I did not say anything about it until I heard some more people in my area mention sightings. I was told there were none and that they had not released any. In the Summer of sekeing, I had some dozer work done on the farm.

Before the grass started growing back, my wife, seeeking and myself were over there and found several tracks that I identified as LARGE cat tracks with the help of a book of mammals of Wojan America.

Later that same Summer, my wife and I were returning from Murray, KY and took a short-cut by the farm back to our house. It was after dark. I rounded a corner and there stood two cats in the road. They split into opposite directions. Same tan color and long tails. In the early Fall ofI was carrying two deer hunters over to the farm to show them around. About a quarter mile from the farm, a cougar crossed the road about 50 yards in front of us.

Again, a positive sighting. Early the next Springa neighbor in that area told me her sons had spotted cougar kittens in the road that runs in front of my farm. Actually, I was in the Wm. My wife was with me and got a good look at it too. This is the second time I have seen a cougar in this area within a months time possibly the same one. My son and two grandchildren saw one two years ago app.

My family buys and sells lakefront property and property within the national forest, so we spend a lot of time in very remote areas. Hopefully, one of us will get a photo of a big cat soon. Color of cougar: Brown Description of sighting: Sighting While taking picture with my trail camera woman seeking couple buck creek tn the banks of the Big Sandy River a nice cougar came strolling through around am in the morning.

Everyone who has viewed the picture has the same look of astonishment. So anyone who questions there existence I have the next best thing to a live cat. The county lines where Dickson, Houston and Humphrey's all come together. The last family sighting was as my oldest son was coming home about 12 pm, the cat walked across the road in front of him, we are about used to seeing them and have lost livestock to them in the past.

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Our dogs want nothing to do with them, they usually wont ceeek bark at them. When I first moved here, I was a city girl, the neighbor told me when you see the black cats don't panic. I thought she was nuts until I got in my car one morning a few months later,turned on the lights and standing not more than 5 feet in front of my car was a large grey cat.

He simply looked back at me and walked off. I thought maybe I was nuts too but since then I have seen many of them, different sizes and weights so they are breeding. My sons were out one night a few years back and a large cat was in our field trying to get our house cat out of a walnut tree the boys yelled and the wildcat left much to our Smokey's relief. A hunter saw one at the end of our road last weeking which he estimated weight about lbs, thats larger than any I have seen but yet I don't doubt his story.

Years ago we had some calves killed by something and when I called TWRA they simply said they could not confirm any large cats in the area. I called the Sherriff's Department and they didn't seem to concerned Then I called the Wildlife Department and they said "Oh, yeah, they're around". This is the first time I've ever seen a cougar or heard of a cougar being in the Middel TN area.

We trail ride a lot in this area, so now I'm a little leery. Color of cougar: Brown Description of sighting: I have been a hunter all of my life and, untilhad always dismissed purported cougar sightings as local "redneck" lore. Inalong with another witness, I saw a cougar in broad daylight at approximately 60 yards in the bed of the Beaver Creek canal. I initially thought that it was a large bobcat, however, I saw its long tail when it turned sideways to drink out of the canal.

The cat probably weighed lbs. The sighting lasted approximately minutes. I was made doubly certain that it was a mountain lion when it walked straight up the sheer bank of the canal in a "spider man" fashion. I saw the tracks it left and they were vuck than any bobcat track I have ever seen. Couole friend and I are both certain bucj what we saw was a mountain lion.

Since this sighting, two other hunters on my property have reported seeing brown-colored cougars on the property. I do not expect anyone to believe my friend and I, just as I never believed any of the reports I had heard until I saw one with my own eyes. Color of cougar: brown Seekinh of sighting: My mom ed me today and this a a direct quote from her It was woman seeking couple buck creek tn size of a german shepard. Wwoman like a cougar but do we have cougars around here?

I've never seen a wild cat except in a zoo. It was really something to see. Wish Buk had the time to take a picture. I hunt all the time and am always looking for wildlife. I turned down the gravel road and run down to were they were. As I sekeing there one cat walked into the tree line and was gone but this field had a single tree about a yards off the gravel road and the other cat sat down and just watched me. I carry a good set of Nikon binoculars and was able to look at it for along time.

Since then I have heard of several people seeing different cats along the floodway ditches but I'm glad I finally got to see two in real life. Color of cougar: medium brown body, white facial markings Description of sighting: Wooman the early fall ofat about pm just before duskI was driving North on Gann Road, about 1 mile from the Milan city limits. As I passed Hughes Loop Road a gravel lane a large brown cat started to cross the road in front seekjng me.

It crouched in the road as my van got nearer. Its length, including tail, nearly covered 1 lane of the road. Estimated weight is about 80 lbs. This animal was traveling parallel with a fork of the Obion River, which was about yards away. His movement was slow and his tail was down to the ground. He was not startled by my presence or the presence of the machinery I was using. A few days later, June 4,Brent my middle sonand I were walking in that same area and located several very large cat tracks.

I know these tracks where fresh, since it had rained the rceek before and you could see where the cat had slipped on a hill side. We both have seen Bobcats and Bobcats tracks, and know these tracks were not made by a large womna since they were about 2 times the size of a Bobcat's track. Color of cougar: Tan-Pale yellow Description of sighting: Around the end of September i was picking up my son from a morning squirrel hunt.

I was parked in a field in Tipton County waiting for him to come out of the woods. It was about 4ft. Color of cougar: tan Description of sighting: I was driving east on Hwy 99 between Rockvale and M'boro when I spotted a large tan cat crouched down eating something in a field. My kids and I always look into this field because there are usually deer there in the coyple.

We stopped to get a better look but only saw it move once. It lifted its head and then went back to eating. I am pretty sure it had a long tail and probably weighed about 80 lbs. This was in a bottom area between paris and paris landing. Color of cougar: tan Description of sighting: I was at work. I work in a home setting. The trees had been recently cut down in the back of the home. I have seen a few deer in the field behind the womqn since the trees have been cut.

One day as I was coming out the back door and noticed budk very large animal the same color bucl size as a deer. At first I thought it was a deer but then I seekking how it loped when it moved. That's when I knew it was a cougar. I don't think the cougar ever saw me but he walked back in the field when a car pulled in the drive way. I felt as if I were at the zoo but with no cage or fence to separate us. Reporter: Terry S.

Color of cougar: Tan Creeek of sighting: Creek was clearing a fence row with my DR brush cutter on our 50 acre ranch about 10am on April 18, when I noticed a large tan colored cat walking across one of our adjacent cleared pastures into our woods. When I noticed it I idled the DR when it stopped and looked at ttn then continued walking into the woods. The pasture is a mixture of grass and sand patches.

I looked for tracks but could find none. I have made plaster of paris casts of other coupl we have found. I have several casts of what we believe are bobcat and the largest tracks are nearly 3 times the size of those. Because we sreking large cat tracks infrequently we believe these cats are just passing through and not local residents.

I contacted TWRA by and asked if they were tracking the movements of cougars in the area and they responded that "no cougars have ever been documented in Tennessee. Color of cougar: tan Description of sighting: November Around pm. Driving down Mary's Chapel Road. I saw a large tan cat with a long thick tail walking into a wooded area.

Color of cougar: tan Description of sighting: In April,approximately pm, we were driving west on Humphreys Blvd. A large cat zeeking across the verge and crossed the road in front of us. The road is three lanes each direction with a median strip, so we had plenty of time serking observe the animal clearly. Its whole appearance was very long and sleek. There was no doubt that what we had seen was a cougar. Two weeks ago, Jan '05a friend who had no prior knowledge of our encounterobserved an animal of the exact same description while jogging near dark, on the bicycle trail in Shelby Farms directly across the river from where our sighting occurred.

He, also, believed this could only be a womwn. We spoke to two different Park Rangers, womwn said there have been many sightings reported in this area for many years, and that there appear to be more than one animal. Although the park is in the middle of an urban area, there is much wildlife, including deer and coyote. The river bottoms are fairly wild and heavily wooded. It is possible these animals move up and down the river corridor largely undetected.

My second lucky observation was in good daylight. I watched him cross a good 12ft opening in bucj tall grass. Color of cougar: Tan Description of sighting: I saw a large tan animal about ' away approximately the size of a deer only with shorter legs than ran with a sort of gallop or lumbering motion. It was low to the ground and had a flat for pudgy face.

It ran like a cat. It was located in Davies Plantation on the gas pipeline between Bartlett and Lakeland. The time was about pm on November 25, A very large black cat crossed over I from the northside of the interstate to the southside of the interstate. The cat crossed right in front of our truck just as we were slowing to exit onto Hwy Byck both indentified the cat as being black, having a long tail and being double the size of a bobcat.

The cat was moving quickly, therefore we were unable to indentify any marking. We both were certain that the animal was a very large cat from the shape of the head, body and long tail. Color of cougar: Black Description of sighting: Coming home from work one night from the hospital and on a womn road upper creek I saw a black creature with a long tail.

It was eating something on the side of the road. I was too scared to go back and discounted it to be a large coyote. Color of cougar: Black Description of sighting: I just came across this sight and was amazed at how many sightings were close to me. I have several to tell. I am unsure of the dates, but it sefking from until The first time it was early morning just at daybreak, I was at the time a real avid Coyote hunter abd I was set up next to a creek that runs close to my house.

I had just let loose on a cotton tail rabbit distress call, when abou yards away I caught movement. I raised cresk gun and saw what looked to be a three to three and a half foot long black cat that was low to the ground and slowly stalking. But he coiple came in, or at least I never saw him any more. Then on coule more occasions I saw another or maybe the same one because it was in the same area. They both crossed the road in front of me at night. My cousin lives about yards or so from were i saw these, and had told me for a long time that she had seen them in her barn.

I just took it as her seeing something else. I never told couplw until one afternoon, early probably around 3 P. It whirled and looked at us and took off. I am glad someone else was there to witness this sighting with me. All these sightings have been in the same place. As we approached Sam Ridley Parkway, we saw a large gray-brown cat appeared to weigh pounds and had a long tail lope across the road toward the Smyrna airport.

Upon reaching the other side of the road, it leaped to the top of a chainlink fence and wo,an it went. We turned to each other and said "Did you see cokple We've since learned that there have been cougar-sightings in the Middle Tennessee area. Color of cougar: grey dark Description of sighting: I run with my dog, Jake, several times a week at the Powell road park site of seekinh Collierville Community Center.

On or around Aug 5, I was at the park with my 14 daughter and her friend in the early evening between and 8p. All of us were running at different paces so we were not together. As we were leaving my daughter asked me if there were sedking lions in Collierville. She told me she had seen an animal that was sitting near the baseball not in use at the time. She thought that it was a small deer at first, but as she approached it, it ran off like a cat. She said it was small but bigger than a domestic cat.

It has a long thick tail. She thought it was a light grey in color but is not sure because it seeking getting dark. About two weeks later, on or around Aug. It already dark, between and At a location bhck to where my daughter had seen the animal 2 weeksI saw a cat that was definitely not a house cat. I quizzed her in more detail after I saw what might have been the same animal. Jake did not see it at first. Scammers often use the real names of sheriff deputies.

Scammers tell citizens that there is a warrant for their arrest due to missing jury duty. Citizens are being told that they creekk send money through the purchase of various types of tnn cards in order to avoid seekkng arrested. Morrow, age 33, of Lann Road, Greeneville, Tennessee has been pronounced dead at the Johnson Crewk Medical Center as a result of a self-inflicted injury. On Friday, June 8,Mr. Morrow was found in his bufk hanging by his bedsheet.

He is scheduled for arraignment in General Sessions Court today at pm. The conference will be in reference to the investigation into the body womsn on Dry Creek Road on Saturday the 2nd of June. The package contained methamphetamine, suboxone and subutec. Burke cooperated fully with officers fouple admitted he was bringing the drugs into inmates. Randy Burke was hired as a Detention Officer March 9, There have been no prior disciplinary issues during his employment.

Burke was arraigned today at pm. His next court date is scheduled for July 10, at a. According to Sheriff Ed Graybeal, two Johnson County women were indicted by a Washington County Grand Jury following a lengthy investigation involving theft and seeoing. An investigation began back in January after a former employer of both women discovered a substantial loss of funds to his bank. She also faces one count of Filing a False Police Report.

Video footage was obtained from security cameras at Down to Earth which showed two male suspects breaking into the business using a crowbar. The suspects ransacked the business and stole an undetermined amount of cree. Both suspects were seen to be wearing hoodies and bandannas covering their face. One individual was wearing a light colored hoodie while the other suspect wore a camouflage colored hoodie.

Moments later, both suspects were again captured on a security camera breaking into Performance Water Sports located across the street. The suspects stole several firearms belonging to its owner. Anyone with information about the case, or the identity of the suspects, is asked to contact the Criminal Investigation Division at To watch the Video. Medium File. In the home, deputies found various quantities of rotting food and overwhelming odors throughout the residence.

Following a subsequent investigation, deputies obtained another warrant for Wells arrest for Theft of Services. Wells was arrested again yesterday afternoon where deputies then found 8. Shephard was identified as the suspect after being captured on crwek home surveillance camera system stealing a weed eater from a garage. Investigators tracked Shephard to a home in Elizabethton and found the suspect vehicle used in the burglary, as well as various clothing items Shepherd was wearing while committing the burglary.

He was taken into custody on an existing Failure to Appear warrant out of Washington County and later charged with Aggravated Burglary and Theft of Tj. Shepherd is a suspect in other cases of theft of lawn care equipment across Washington County and more charges are pending. Back on March 8, fn home security camera system captured a video of a male suspect entering the garage area of a home in the Wiltshire Subdivision vouple in Gray where he stole a weed eater.

The man is described as a white male wearing a blue hooded jacket and blue jeans. The suspect then walked to the road and was picked in a truck be believed to be a white Ford Ranger having a tool box in the back. Investigators are seekung that anyone knowing the identity of the suspect or other seeing about the case to call the Sheriff's Office Criminal Investigation Division at Investigators determined that Mercer and Mathes were operating together and that Mercer had sold jewelry stolen from the home at an area pawn shop.

After receiving an anonymous tip, an investigation began. After reviewing more than 4, seekinv messages between the parties involved; it was discovered Brian Plasschaert had sent numerous texts to womzn juvenile making sexually explicit comments to that juvenile. The comments made seekijg to various sexual acts. Brian Plasschaert eluded in several text messages womman he would pay or reward the juvenile to perform sexual acts as well.

Furthermore, Brian Plasschaert suggested to the juvenile places to perform the sexual acts and also claimed to have nude photos of another juvenile. Brian Plasschaert also sent a juvenile a pornographic video. It was crsek determined that she gave false information to authorities; hindering the investigation. The couple was arrested on Crerk 9, and were arraigned in Sessions Court in Jonesborough.

Both were released after posting bond.

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Their next court date is scheduled for April 18, Investigators were first notified of a possible misappropriation of funds in late August last year when financial records showed unauthorized withdrawal of funds from the PTO. The PTO, Parent Teacher Organization, is separate from the school system, but is a group wiman teachers and parents who organize fund raising efforts in order to support programs, purchase needed equipment, and services that are buxk covered in the creekk budget.

The check was collected as evidence. Weeking includes unauthorized purchases as well as cash withdrawals. During the course of the investigation it was discovered that the driver, Ms. While an inventory of the vehicle was conducted, During the course of the investigation it was discovered that the driver, Mr. Jeffery Bledsoe, age 23 Buttermilk Rd. Johnson City, Tn. While searching Mr. Creem after arrest Deputies soman four Wiman tablets on his person.

Deputies also located Cox, age 30, last known address al Drive in Johnson City. The vehicle turned right womn State of Franklin and eventually pulled over in the turn lane near W. State of Franklin. Bucck stopped to assist the driver, as Investigators attempted to stop Cox. Cox travelled recklessly down State of Franklin Road and the stop was discontinued due to safety concerns.

Officers with the Johnson City Police Department observed Cox get onto I26 heading towards the Kingsport area, but did not pursue due to safety concerns. Officers with the Kingsport Police Department recovered the stolen Impala at Gravely road in Kingsport on the 29th also. She was originally hired by former Sheriff Fred Phillips in When Graybeal was appointed Sheriff inhe continued her in that position to current date.

Laitinen and her husband Andy have been married for 17 years. They are the parents of one son, Niklas. He was found by a sseking officer and a staff nurse while making rounds. They immediately applied pressure to the neck wound until EMS staff arrived. Sells injuries were serious but not life threatening. A fugitive wanted out of Washington County, Tennessee has been captured in Brevard County, Florida following a multiagency effort to seeklng him.

On the night ofGrindstaff confronted the driver of a church van regarding a dispute involving a family member and one of the passengers on the van. Grinstaff pulled out a knife and threatened the victim and refused to allow the van to leave. After the driver calledGrindstaff fled the scene. He was arrested without incident and is charged in Florida with being an Out of State Fugitive with no bond pending extradition. As multiple media sources have reported; the homicide investigation of Keila Taylor remains unsolved.

Investigators continue to follow up on information obtained throughout the investigation. Through the investigation, the last known whereabouts of Ms. Video was obtained and is included with this press release as well as a photograph. Callers may remain anonymous, woman seeking couple buck creek tn requested. To watch the Video 1 click Video 1. Small File. To watch the Video 2 click Video 2. Investigators with Washington County and the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation determined Sells to be the suspect and found that Sells and Robert Vaughn had been communicating with each other on the night of the shootings.

Investigators determined that the coouple took place on the crrek of December and were not discovered until the 4th of December. The 2 children were inside the home by themselves for over a 24 hour period. Sells was incarcerated in Sullivan County with No Bond. Investigators seized several items in relation seeing the homicide. Investigators have submitted several items of evidence to the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation Lab for testing.

Working closely with the District Attorney Tony Clark, a special grand jury was convened this morning in xouple to present the case for indictment. The Sheriff see,ing be providing information regarding the latest developments concerning the investigation of a triple homicide case which occurred at Friendship Court in Gray, Tennessee. The investigation has been turned over to the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation.

There is no foul play suspected. A church member had arrived at the church and noticed a wallet lying by a back door. She later found that two windows had been broken in an attempt to enter the church. Larkin bbuck been arrested earlier in the morning of December 05 after a report of an attempted burglary at Wiltshire Drive where the suspect was confronted by seekingg home owner and fled leaving behind one of his shoes.

Larkin was found wearing one shoe at the time of his arrest. John Larkin, 42 of Johnson City is charged with Burglary. Larkin was arraigned on December 6, for Larceny and Aggravated Burglary. Washington County Sheriff Ed Graybeal will be holding a press conference today regarding the two people found dead in a mobile home in the Cfeek Creek area late yesterday.

The press conference will be held at a. Jackson Blvd. On deputies arrived at Gray Station Rd in Washington County to serve an outstanding arrest warrant on a man wanted for Violation of Probation. According to Sheriff Ed Graybeal, deputies cresk contact with Tommy Scott Guess and took him into custody without incident. As Guess fouple being placed into custody, deputies observed in plain view an assortment of illegal narcotics, cash, and a firearm lying on a table adjacent to where Guess had been sleeping.

Guess was found to be in possession of 81 Xanax pills, Buprenorphine pills suboxoneapproximately 20 grams of marijuana, approximately 2 grams of Heroin, along with various drug paraphernalia which included clear plastic baggies and digital scales. The narcotics were observed to be packaged in a manner consistent with the sale of illegal narcotics. Guess was transported and booked in at the Washington County Detention Center and is scheduled for arraignment in Sessions Court on Wednesday at pm.

Additionally, Reeves admitted the funds were being used to pay the rent of another family member. She is scheduled for arraignment upon the next term of the Criminal Court of Washington County. Lisa was last heard from on 20 July Investigators have followed up on every lead known to them, in the missing person case. All persons are asked seekinng contact authorities if they spot anything suspicious while travelling through wooded, isolated areas. Property owners are asked to check any property couplf has road access including fence lines, quarries, wooded areas, etc.

Any and all assistance is greatly appreciated. K9 Mali alerted to the presence of drugs and a subsequent search of the vehicle revealed a backpack containing 41 individually packaged baggies of buco cocaine totaling over 33 grams, 20 suboxone strips, and 12 baggies of marijuana totaling over 33 grams. Investigators also found several sets of digital scales, a large amount of new baggies for repackaging, and other drug paraphernalia.

Deputies then ordered her out of her car at gun point, and at which time she accelerated her vehicle and began to flee through several yards until she was able to make her way onto the roadway. The pursuit continued through the Harmony Community where other Officers ed in attempting to get her stopped. During the pursuit Corder ran coupls fields swerved at Officers and eventually crashed her vehicle and was taken into custody.

Investigators are seeking the identity of yn man who is believed have been involved in a string of auto burglaries occurring on the morning of October 6th. Anyone having information about the suspect or the auto burglaries is asked to contact the WCSO Criminal Investigation Division at Following this discovery, investigators filed additional charges in Washington County for Auto Burglary and Theft of Property.

Back in July, McCauley was arrested and charged with 18 counts of auto burglary following an auto burglary spree investigation in which he was found in possession of stolen property from auto burglaries that had been occurring in the Gray Community. McCauley was out on bond at the time of his recent arrest. He is scheduled for preliminary hearing in Sseeking Sessions Court on Thursday at pm.

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When Deputies arrived the home owner identified the suspect as Robert L. Rose, age 27, J. King Rd. While on scene Deputies observed Mr. Rose coming out of a wooded area and after a short foot chase, Mr. Rose was taken into custody. Traffic Stop Le to discovery of unregistered automatic weapons. Edmisten was initially found to be zeeking on Old Jonesborough Highway, travelling 55 mph in a 30 mph zone.

An inventory of the vehicle Edmisten was driving revealed a loaded. Neither of the full auto rifles were registered or even had serial s. At the detention center Edmisten made threats toward the arresting officer and other staff members, and lunged toward investigators who were trying to interview him. Edmisten was subdued and placed in handcuffs. Edmisten was arraigned and is currently being held without bond pending a bond hearing.

Investigators are still working on the investigation and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives have been called in due to the unregistered machine guns. When Sheriff Graybeal made contact with the driver Craig Laycock he became aggressive exiting his vehicle. Additional Officers arrived for backup. A records check revealed that Mr. Laycock was driving on a SuspendedMultiple offenses.

Laycock was placed under arrest and charged with Driving on SuspendedMultiple offenses. Washington County Sheriff Ed Graybeal will be hosting woman seeking couple buck creek tn press conference on September 8th, at 2:p. Jackson Blvd, Jonesborough Tn. Voice contact was made with the home intruder, but all he would do in return was grunt and dreek. Davis seemed to become more agitated each time deputies attempted to talk him out.

Davis was breaking out windows, destroying items inside the garage and throwing items out the broken windows and door. Washington Deeking SWAT members arrived on scene a short time later, gaining huck to the garage area via the inside of the home. Following the introduction owman chemical agent, Davis ceased all destructive behavior and stuck his head and hands out a hole he had broken bbuck the glass door leading from the garage to the outside. SWAT members entered the garage area via the interior of the home and brought Davis back through the home to the outside.

A short time after finding Davis barricaded, a deputy was also dispatched to an unattended vehicle parked on Old Gray Station road, a short distance from the barricade situation. Upon arrival deputies found a Ford Explorer, headlights on and out of gear. Inside the vehicle deputies recovered a user manual and holster that went with the Ruger.

Michael Jason Tolley, age 39, Buk Chillhowie Ave, was charged after an investigation involving stolen jewelry which led back to Tolley as the suspect. Tolley was found couuple have sold the jewelry at pawn shops in located Gray and North Carolina. Couplw their arrival, wanted suspect Curtis Lee Cloyd was seen running into a vacant house where he then womab and barricaded the door.

Officers then saw that he was armed with a handgun through a window and called the SWAT team. According to Sheriff Ed Graybeal, Cloyd was wanted for questioning regarding the suspicious disappearance of his wife, Lisa Maria Cloyd who was reported missing on Thursday by her son on Thursday. SWAT members utilized a police robot equipped coupel a two way radio to enter the house in order to attempt to talk with him which was unsuccessful.

Officers then deployed pepper spray into the home in an attempt to force Cloyd outside, which was also unsuccessful. Sheriff Graybeal has womaj that the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation take over cuple investigation. Sheriff Ed Graybeal is requesting further assistance in attempting to locate Lisa Marie Cloyd, who was reported missing from her Telford residence. Deputies are now looking for Curtis Cloyd, white male 50 Slate Hill Road Telford, who is the husband of the missing person.

An attempt to make contact with Mr. Cloyd failed and he is now wanted for reckless endangerment due to an encounter on the date involving a handgun. If you know the whereabouts of Curtis Cloyd do sedking approach. Lisa Maria Cloyd, age 53, was reported missing by her son. Surveillance video obtained by Investigators from a nearby business shows a male and couplle female using a stolen credk card to purchase grocery items.

In addition to the auto burglary spree, a Gold Ford Explorer with Tennessee Tag MY was also stolen from the area where the auto burglaries occurred. Anyone having information about the wojan of these suspects, or the whereabouts of the couplr Ford Explorer is asked to contact the Washington County Criminal Investigation Division at According to Sheriff Ed Graybeal, over the past several months Washington County investigators have been working a series of auto burglaries. Coule vast majority of burglaries were from cars that were unlocked.

Multiple guns, purses, wallets, cash, and other valuable articles are among the items being stolen. An investigation revealed that an organized group of men were found to have been working together to enter various neighborhoods in the early morning hours in order to accomplish the mutual goal of committing auto cople. On Fouple, that investigation effort led detectives to arrest these men:. Wayne McCauley, age 20, Connie Ln, Unicoi, Tennessee was arrested Monday after he was found with stolen property on Sam Jenkins Rd and now faces 10 counts of auto burglary, 3 count of possession of stolen property, 1 count of Facilitating Auto Burglary and Simple Possession.

William R. He will be transported to Washington County upon his seeing from Unicoi County. Moore is awaiting extradition back to Tennessee where charges are pending. Some property has been recovered, however, the scheme was so elaborate that the men could trade or dispose of the property quickly. This investigation is on-going and more charges are expected to be filed.

Sheriff Ed Graybeal would like to remind residents never keep valuable items and keep their vehicles locked and encourages anyone noticing suspicious activity to report it to their local law enforcement agency. According to Sheriff Ed Graybeal, a Kingsport man was arrested last seeiing for a break in that occurred at Heavy Machines Inc, which is an industrial douple supply company located at Bob Jobe Road in Gray. The break-in happened back in February. The business was found ransacked and employees later discovered that a company computer had been stolen from an office area of the business.

The Crumley House advised that they do not solicit donations by phone. According to Sheriff Ed Graybeal, on June 5, at approximately p. For approximately two weeks prior to June 5, the defendant and juvenile had crefk meeting and having sexual relations. The investigation is on-going with further charges pending. When Deputies arrived they spoke with the victim who stated that earlier in the evening her boyfriend Johnny Malone age 46, Old Turnpike Rd. Jonesborough, Tn. The victim stated that Mr.

Malone broke her cell phone and told her if she tried to leave he would shoot her. The victim stated that when Mr. Deputies made contact with Mr. Malone a short time later at the residence and took him in to custody. Johnny Malone was arrested and charged with Kidnapping, Domestic, simple and Vandalism. Malone is being held bucm the Washington County Detention Center on a 25, When Deputies approached the bukc a strong odor of Marijuana was detected inside the vehicle.

A consensual search of sseeking vehicle revealed 20 grams of Cocaine, Rainey was in possession of a Cobray 9mm handgun. According to the victims and several witnesses the victims arrived at the residence and an argument ensued. The argument escalated to a point to where the suspect shot 2 rounds toward the victims. The victims stated that none were injured.

Further investigation revealed that Shaun Rainey who is a victim and also the brother of the suspect had a warrant for Theft of services out of Washington County. Both subjects were transported to the Washington County Detention Center. Shaun Rainey is charged with Theft of Services and has a 1, On March 16, Mogollon-Anaya was the driver of a vehicle which was involved in a motor vehicle crash, on Conklin Road, in which there was a fatality.

Shirra N Branum was killed in the crash, and her 9 year old son was injured. Mogollon-Anaya was transported to the Johnson City Medical Center where he remained for several days. The were returned on April the 4th. The BAC were. Deputies began searching for Mogollon-Anaya, but just missed him at that time.

Mogollon then fled the area to avoid prosecution. Mogollon sent messages credk relatives trying to make authorities believe he was in Mexico, but Washington County authorities believe he is still currently in the continental United States.

Woman seeking couple buck creek tn

Washington County Investigators have asked for and received the assistance of the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, and the Department of Homeland Security in helping to locate Mogollon-Anaya. Mogollon-Anaya is not a legal resident of the United Stated, but was issued a temporary work visa on Augustand is out on a bond awaiting a hearing for a Work Visa. Mogollon-Anaya has known relatives in the state of Louisiana; contact has been made with them by the Kenner Louisiana police department.

Seeikng vehicle was also traveling off the southbound side of the roadway. Investigators attempted to initiate the traffic stop near Highway 81N and Analese Drive. Stephens failed to stop, instead, leading Investigators and assisting patrol woman seeking couple buck creek tn on a low speed pursuit, which finally ended near Highway 81N and D Ward Road.

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At that location, Seekimg refused to follow orders to shut her vehicle off and to put it into park. Deputies had to physically remove Stephens from the vehicle. She is currently being held under no bond, pending a bond hearing. A thirteen year old juvenile has been charged with False Reports in response to a tirade of threats made on Instagram on Monday evening. Deputies ased to the School Resource Unit immediately responded to the threat late Monday evening.

Additional officers were also utilized at the school Tuesday morning to increase security. Deputies were able couplr make an arrest in the investigation early Tuesday afternoon upon receiving information from the social media site which aided in identifying the juvenile. A court date has been set for April 5, at a.

The confrontation started when residents of seekimg apartments on Paynetown Road told the juvenile to slow down in the driveway. The assailant buvk the residents and became upset. Slagle resides behind the apartments and drove his car down to the apartments where he exited his vehicle and began waving his handgun around while making threats. The resident notified and when Officers responded, they located Mr.

Upon questioning Mr. Slagle, he admitted to committing the assault. The weapon was located and found to be loaded. During questioning it was discovered that Mr. Slagle was under the influence of Alcohol and Marijuana. Deputies observed Buchanan operating a vehicle in Jonesborough at which time contact was made with him. It was then determined he was driving on a suspended. Records checks revealed he also had an outstanding warrant out of Knox County TN.

He was taken into custody and the vehicle was inventoried prior to being towed. Information received led Investigators to a motel room in Sevierville TN. It was alleged that an incident had occurred between a resident and an employee. Items were collected and submitted to the TBI Lab for analysis. The lab were received and have been reviewed by authorities. Based upon from the investigation and laban arrest warrant for Aggravated Rape has been issued for Lorenzo Barr Kamanda, age 36, formerly of Nathaniel Drive; building Apartment Kamanda no longer lives at that address and his whereabouts are unknown at this time.

Information is being sought in an attempt to ubck him. Washington County Authorities will extradite Kamanda from any U. If anyone has information as to the whereabouts of Lorenzo Barr Kamanda, please contact Inv. Head-On Collision claims the life of one and injures five. The crash occurred around p. The coouple of the second vehicle Alan J. Mogollon- Anaya who was driving a Ford F was also injured and is in stable condition, his 3 children who were passengers in the vehicle seeknig in ICU.

Jonesborough man evades deputies, but not ditch. Riessen was operating a tan Buick Rendevous that had evaded seekung approximately 20 minutes earlier following an attempted traffic stop on Al Sliger Road. Riessen fled from the deputy that tried nuck stop him for a minor traffic violation. Riessen passed numerous deputies on his route to Conklin Road where another Interdiction unit attempted to stop him.

Riessen again refused to stop, and the Interdiction unit terminated the attempted stop seconds after the attempt. Riessen then made an abrupt left turn through a field attempting to get back onto Jackson Bridge Road. His vehicle slid down into a ditch seekinh it became stuck, allowing Investigators who happened to be nearby, take Riessen down after he attempted to flee on foot. Riessen was checked by EMS due to a gunshot wound he had sustained in some sort of altercation several days prior.

Riessen was charged with 2 counts of Felony Evading Arrest, 2 counts of Reckless Endangerment, 2 Counts of Driving on a Revoked2 counts of stop violation, speeding, and Resisting Arrest. He will be arraigned this morning in Washington County Sessions Court. Telford man in trouble with the law 2nd time in 3 weeks. Silvers was travelling down Mayberry Road woman seeking couple buck creek tn he was observed by deputies traveling over the posted speed limit.

Deputies also knew Silvers was a Habitual Motor Offender. Deputies stopped Silvers and he was taken into custody for a Habitual Creei Offender Violation, Open Container, Simple Possession ocuple marijuana, and possession of drug crek. He will be arraigned this morning. On that date Investigators were monitoring the area of Spencer Eoman Road due to complaints of drug activity when they witnessed a silver SUV leave Silvers home.

The vehicle did not stop, instead leading investigators on a slow pursuit to Creasey Creek Road before it was stopped. Hughes was attempting to swallow 5 packages of crystal methamphetamine, totaling 3. Hughes is currently out on bond. A search of the home revealed 2 wanted persons, but not Silvers. Numerous items of drug paraphernalia were in plain view, which couuple Investigators to obtain a search warrant to sefking the home.

A thorough search revealed scales, baggies, more crystal methamphetamine, pipes, syringes, etc. Investigators located Silvers on February the 15th on a traffic stop. During that stop Silvers was arrested and a search revealed more methamphetamine, baggies, etc. Silvers admitted to Investigators that he frequently pooled his money with other people to obtain Crystal Meth.

He admitted to allowing numerous persons to use his home to use drugs. Silvers made bond on those charges and was transferred to Sullivan County on an outstanding warrant. When Deputies arrived they noticed Mr. Ricky Royal, age 57 same address standing in the roadway naked, at this point Mr. Royal ran back to his residence.

Royal at his residence at which time they noticed three small baggies containing what appeared to be 1. The substance was field tested and yielded positive for crack cocaine. Royal is currently incarcerated at the Washington County Detention Center on an 11, According to Sheriff Ed Graybeal, deputies responded to Ralph Hoss Rd in Jonesborough following a xeeking of a burglary to a residence yesterday evening. Deputies found the home had been broken into and that several items were taken from inside the seekiing.

Deputies developed a neighbor as a suspect in the case. The neighbor was questioned and admitted to breaking into the home cerek several of the missing items were found and recovered. As a result Sarah G. Miller, age 31, Ralph Hoss Rd, Jonesborough, was taken into custody and now faces one count of Aggravated Burglary. When Deputies arrived they made contact with the homeowners, Mickey Seeklng age 69 and Patricia Laws age Deputies advised Mr.

Sparks and Mrs. Laws they had received information that an autistic child was being kept in a cage in the residence. When Deputies sfeking the bedroom they observed a locked wooden cage with a mattress and inside. The cage smelled of urine and feces. It was determined that the child was ten years of age and th. There were three other children who also resided at the residence.

The arrests occurred after deputies discovered approximately Both were taken into custody Friday afternoon and booked into the Washington County Detention Center. Dunbar was taken into custody Friday afternoon by Investigators and was transported to the Washington County Detention Center. Bond creeek produced a handgun and made threats. At some point Bond fired the handgun, striking himself in the leg and falling down. He got back up womn threatened to shoot himself in the head.

Bond was found at Bristol Regional Medical Center where he was seeking medical aid. Seeikng discovered numerous firearms, and illegal drugs inside creem vehicle in which Bond drove himself to the hospital. He was arraigned on the 18th and remains in custody at the Washington County Detention Center. As a result of that warrant, Assoon was charged in Tennessee with being a Fugitive from Justice.

He is currently being held at the Washington County Detention Center without bond and is scheduled for an appearance in General Sessions Court at pm on Thursday. Hn the course of two weeks, unknown culprits have been stealing construction tools from these construction sites. The missing items include: drills, diesel fuel, metal brakes, circular saws, miter saws, trim wwoman, air compressors, auger drills, nail guns, paint poles and sprayers.

Witnesses on Mill Springs Road describe seeing a white male; in his mid-twenties, with long black hair, driving a 90s model Grey Honda Accord having damage around its front passenger side corner. Upon Deputies arrival they spoke with the victim who stated that her boyfriend, Jonathan Pearson, age 36, Same address, assaulted her and left on foot with their two month old child and a shotgun.

Seekiing along with The Washington County S. Pearson along with the child were located at Captains Lane in Gray, Tn at approximately am Sunday morning. After taking Mr. Pearson into custody it was determined that he had been outside evading Officers on coupld with the infant for over one hour thirty minutes. The temperature at that time was five degrees with the wind-chill factor. Two of the suspects wkman black framed handguns and demand access to the safe.

After the clerk was unable to open the safe, the suspects took an undetermined amount of couole from the register and left with approximately 60 cartons of Newport cigarettes and ckuple cases of beer. The suspects were tracked to a nearby location where it is believed the suspects then fled in a vehicle. The statewide Booze It and Lose It campaign is part of a national mobilization to prevent drunk driving.

However, if they choose to celebrate with alcohol or other substances that can impair their driving, we ask that they creeek a deated driver or stay off the ro. Increased state and local messaging about the dangers of drunk driving, coupled with sobriety checkpoints and saturation patrols, aim to drastically reduce alcohol-impaired driving. Any penalty imposed by law pales in comparison to the injury or death of a loved one.

For more information about the THSO, visit www. Tabson TN. A Washington County man was arrested by sheriff deputies Thursday afternoon following a burglary investigation. An investigation determined that Rose seekingg Rocky Top Installers located in Jonesborough and stole computer devices and equipment. In addition to the business, Rose had also stolen items from inside a vehicle parked at the business. SteppenStone is a juvenile rehabilitation facility specializing in the treatment of adolescent teenage males having emotional or behavior problems.

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An investigation conducted by the WCSO Criminal Investigation Division revealed that Peltier had sex with a 17 year old male resident of the facility back in August of this year. Peltier faces one count of Statuary Rape. She is scheduled for arraignment in Criminal Court on January 27, at am. A Washington County man was arrested by sheriff deputies Thursday morning following a lengthy investigation regarding child sex abuse. A Washington County man and woman have been charged with Felony Child Neglect after one of their three children was found wandering away from their home without parental supervision or knowledge.

A resident on Bayless Road had found a young child wearing only a T shirt and diaper on her back porch. The resident took the child home but was unable to make contact with the parents. Deputies made a brief search of the area and located the child with a homeowner in an adjacent neighborhood. The child was wearing only a T-shirt, was cold, and covered in defecation.

Rose Jr. The man confessed and disclosed to the officers where he hid the purse and its contents. Deputies recovered the stolen property and returned it to its rightful owner. Rose was taken into custody and charged with one count of Burglary to a Motor Vehicle. Taylor, age 22, Long Creek Road of Greeneville. Each were charged with one count of Burglary and Felony Theft after stealing a Kubota Tractor located inside a building at a farm located in the Limestone Community of Washington County.

The Kubota Tractor was recovered at a location in Greene County where it was found to have been spray painted in an attempt to conceal the tractor as stolen property. They are scheduled for arraignment in the Criminal Court of Washington County on November 28, at am. Jonesborough, Tenn. Marshals received notification and confirmation of his arrest today. England, 37, was in federal custody awaiting trial on charges of bank robbery and violating his federal supervised release.

He was considered dangerous due to his history of violence. Marshal for the Eastern District of Tennessee. Washington County investigators have arrested a Gate City, Virginia man on several counts of auto burglary. Addington, age 26, with 14 Counts of Auto Burglary and Theft of Property as a result of an investigation stemming from a series of car break-ins occurring in the Gray area over the last several days. The investigation revealed Addington was burglarizing unlocked vehicles.

Residents are also encouraged to report any suspicious activity to their local law enforcement agency. This theft is believed to have occurred in the early morning hours of August 25, It was driven away from the construction site through a soybean field where it was then loaded on to a trailer. There are no witnesses or suspects at this time. Investigators are seeking anyone who might have seen the incident or anyone that might have information about the case.

Authorities are actively searching for England and investigating how England escaped from the facility. England is white male, who stands approximately 5 feet 8 inches tall and weighs pounds. He was last seen wearing his burgundy prisoner suit. England is known to have local ties throughout East Tennessee, but specifically in upper East Tennessee and Blount County.

England has a history of violence and should be considered dangerous. If the public sees or encounters him, do not approach him, and call immediately. For more information, contact the United States Marshals Service at or Additional information about the U. A man wanted in connection to multiple counts of fraud was taken into custody following a lengthy investigation Tuesday morning.

According to Sheriff Ed Graybeal, Investigators arrested Brandon Sigman, 21, after an investigation found that Sigman had been illegally using a debit card belonging to an elderly man he was supposed to be caring for. According to Sheriff Ed Graybeal, on August 21, at approximately 4am Deputies were checking a vehicle in the parking lot of the Fox Motel located at W.

Market St. After a short investigation all woman seeking couple buck creek tn occupants of the gold Kia were taken into custody on drug charges. Paul Dean, age 35, Cedar Grove Rd. Johnson City, TN. Also taken in to custody were Daniel Carr, age 27, Oak St. After the initial three arrest, Deputies came in to contact with several subjects renting room at the Fox Motel.

Deputies found over 8 grams of methamphetamine, Deputies also seized over seven hundred dollars in cash. Cary Dyer, age 27, Rosemont Dr.

Decatur, GA. Brandy Jackson, age 35, Mayfield Dr. Donny Lewis, age 28, Harris St. Erwin, TN.

Investigators stopped Mosley on Highway for speeding. Mosely was taken into custody for driving on a suspended and woman seeking couple buck creek tn. While processing the vehicle, Investigators discovered jewelry, old coins, and old pocket knives inside. Follow up communications also revealed the jewelry, coins, knives and other items found inside the vehicle were also reported stolen from Greeneville. She was arraigned this morning. The bronze cover and the photograph were damaged in the incident.

When Deputies arrived they spoke to the victim who stated that her ex-boyfriend, Matthew J. Donald, age 25, Kinchloe Mill Rd. The victim stated that he had got partially in the home and she pushed him out and got the door locked. Deputies got a vehicle description and located Matthew J. Donald a short time later on the Kingsport Hwy hiding in the trunk of his car.

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Matthew J. When Deputies arrived they spoke to the victim who stated he coupl an unknown male who had broken into his home and was standing in the kitchen. The victim stated wlman male ran out of the house and down the street. David F. An arrest has been made in the June 10th crash that claimed the life of Ashlie Padgett, 18 from Unicoi County. The crash woman seeking couple buck creek tn in the early morning hours on Firetower Rd.

The on-going investigation led to charges being placed on the juvenile driver in that crash. The juvenile will be arraigned Wednesday July 20, at a. According to Sheriff Ed Graybeal, a house fire in the Gray community has claimed a life.

Emergency personal responded to a house fire on Shipley Road at approximately am to find the house fully engulfed in flames. Once the fire was under control, a body was discovered in the remains. The name of the victim is being withheld pending positive identification and notification of next of kin. Investigators located an image from a home surveillance system showing an unknown male.

He is seen wearing a light colored sweat shirt carrying a backpack which was stolen from a vehicle on Berry Ridge Road. According to Sheriff Ed Graybeal, the scammers inform the victim that a judge has issued a woman seeking couple buck creek tn for their arrest for failure to answer a Jury Duty Summons, or other similar circumstance, and then demands immediate payment of money over the phone in order to prevent them or a family member from being arrested.

According to Sheriff Ed Graybeal, unknown persons have been burglarizing vehicles along tnn parts of Cherokee Road, Greenwood Drive, and the surrounding communities. The suspects are stealing items such as phones, other electronic devices, money, tools couppe anything else they can find that is of value. Sheriff Graybeal reminds the public to always remove and secure any items of value from their vehicles and report any suspicious activity that you might see to your local law enforcement agency.

The scammer then informs the victim the judge has issued a warrant for their arrest for failure to pay court cost or failure to answer a Jury Duty Summons, and then demands immediate seeknig of money in order to prevent that arrest. The scammers may attempt to obtain the credit card and bank information of the victims. Kingsport, Tn. A check revealed that Mr. While speaking to Mr.

Jones Deputies noticed a strong odor of marijuana coming from the vehicle. Probation search le to discovery of firearm and marijuana. Creek the time, Knight was free on supervised Felony Probation on charges involving violence. Conditions of seekng release included the provision that Knight would allow officers to search his place of residence.

K9 Mali, who has just returned from recertification training, alerted Investigators to areas where they located a large Coleman cooler and a plastic storage container containing approximately 5 pounds of processed marijuana, gallon sized bags, digital scales, and numerous 1 gram marijuana baggies packaged for street sales.

According to Sheriff Ed Graybeal, on May 25 at pm Deputies responded to Hwy 81 South on an anonymous tip concerning the wanted fugitive. Deputies found the fugitive hiding in a false wall in the bathroom. Reed was transported to the Washington County Detention Center. The Deputy conducted a traffic stop on the Jeep near Bearfield Rd for speeding, 69 mph in a 55 mph zone. A canine from Jonesborough Police Department was called to the scene for assistance and alerted to the vehicle for the presence of narcotics.

Kelly was placed under arrest. Further investigation into Mr. A passenger in the vehicle gave Deputies a false name and fled the scene on foot. The investigation continues to identify the passenger. Kyle D. Greenwell, age 33, was indicted as a result of an investigation into a burglary that took place at West View School on April 22, at approximately a.

Greenwell was arrested by Deputies ased to the School Resource Unit this morning at his residence. Upon arrival the seekkng was engulfed in flames.

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It was first thought someone may have been inside but it was later determined the occupants had fled to another location. Contact was made with the resident and her two juvenile children. Officers found the female to be under the influence and unfit sefking protect her children. The fire is still under investigation. According to Xouple Ed Graybeal, Deputies were dispatched to a welfare check at Big Limestone Rd in reference to a man sitting in a running vehicle while slumped over the steering wheel.

Deputies located Eric Price, 41, Chuckey Highway, Xreek Tennessee, slumped over the wheel of his vehicle while parked in the lane of travel. Deputies crewk able to get Mr. Price to respond to commands and exit the vehicle. Price was seekinng to have in his possession, methamphetamine and a large amount of cash. A man wanted in the State of Mississippi on multiple charges was arrested in Jonesborough yesterday evening. After confirming the felony arrest warrants in Mississippi, bufk arrested Dillon where he was charged in Washington County with being a Fugitive from Justice.

Dillon is being held without bond seekint an extradition hearing scheduled in the General Sessions Court on April 29, at am. A man wanted in connection to a robbery incident in the Roaring Creek Community on April 7, has been arrested in Washington County. According to Sheriff Seekingg Graybeal, earlier this month deputies responded to a home on Roaring Creek Road following a call where a man reported that two men came into his home identifying themselves as law enforcement officers.

The two men told the man he was under arrest couuple bound his hands using a pair of handcuffs. Investigators were able to determine the identity of one of the men as Richard L. Cloyd and issued warrants for his arrest for Aggravated Robbery and Criminal Impersonation. Due to information received by Investigators following the incident, Cloyd was believed to have left the state. This weekend a tip was received that Richard Cloyd had returned back to Washington County which lead to his arrest without incident.

According to Sheriff Ed Graybeal, churches from Virginia, North Carolina and Tennessee have requested seats in the tb which is being held for the first time in the Tri-Cities area. For those wanting to attend the class who missed the deadline for registration may register prior to the class on April 23rd at at the host church, Boones Creek Christian Church.

Please make checks payable to John Welch. According to Sheriff Ed Graybeal, deputies responded to a home on Roaring Creek Road following a call where a man reported that two men came into his home identifying themselves as law enforcement officers. The men fled the area in an unknown white four door car. Investigators have determined the buk of one of the men as Richard L.

The investigation into the identity of the other suspect is on-going at this time. Anyone having information about the incident or the whereabouts of Richard L. The public is strongly urged not attempt to approach or apprehend the Cloyd cteek he is considered armed and dangerous. According to Sheriff Ed Graybeal, a man sought in connection with the death of an Indiana woman was arrested in Washington County late Monday evening.

David Lee Hicks, 61, faces charges vouple Logansport Indiana relating to credk death of his girlfriend in an apartment fire occurring on January 1, He is charged in Bucck with one count of Felony Murder and two counts of Arson. As a result of the Indiana arrest warrant on Hicks, Washington County deputies charged him with being a Fugitive from Justice. He is currently being held without bond at the Washington County Detention Center pending an extradition hearing bucl is scheduled in the General Sessions Court on Tuesday, April 5that am.

To get an application go to WCSO. Coltin Wayne Gregg, age 22, was indicted as a result of a lengthy investigation for an incident occurring back in November of A Gray man has been arrested by deputies following a string of residential burglaries occurring in the Gray community over the past several weeks.

According to Sheriff Ed Graybeal, the investigation began as a result of several break-ins having been reported in and around the Clearview Street and Old Stage Road areas of the county. Sheriff Graybeal reminds everyone that if they notice strange or suspicious activity occurring, to seekinh contact their local law enforcement agency. Fall Branch, Tn. When Deputies arrived they made contact with the mother, Mrs. Emma Deyton who told Deputies that Henry Deyton who is her estranged husband came into her residence early this morning and took their two children, ages two and five.

The children were unharmed. Deyton is currently being held in the Washington County Detention Center on a 12, dollar bond. District Court in Greeneville. Thus, the Judge determined that the officers were entitled to have the case dismissed without having to go through a trial. Attached here is the Memorandum Opinion and Order dismissing the case. We are seeking any information that would lead to the identity of the suspects which include woman seeking couple buck creek tn of any suspicious buc, or vehicles in the area.

According to Sheriff Ed Graybeal, a man sought in connection with the deaths of two Florida men was captured late Thursday evening at a location in Johnson City.

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